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Away Resorts’ Online Easter Egg Hunt – WIN A FREE HOLIDAY

4th March 2016 Published by
Online Easter Egg Hunt


We’ve lost our 5 friends, and we can’t seem to find them anywhere! We know they’re somewhere on the website, but we have no idea where. If you can find them, you could win yourself and your family a holiday with us, along with other little goodies.


Our online Easter Egg Hunt will be running for 5 days, beginning on the 14th March and ending on the 18th March. Each day means a new friend to look for. For example, on day one you’ll be looking for Lucy and her basket full of Easter Eggs, then day 2, you’ll be searching for Scratch. You can enter the competition once a day for all of the 5 days, if you can find the eggs that is! If you only enter our competition on one of the days, you’ll still have the chance of winning any of the prizes.



  • 7 night family holiday at one of our parks
  • 50% off your next stay
  • 40% off your next stay
  • 30% off your next stay
  • A teddy of your choice


How to join our Easter Egg Hunt

If you’d like to participate in this competition, all you have to do is locate one of our friends and their eggs and either tweet us the link to that page or post the link in the comments section of any of our Facebook posts: Tattershall Lakes, Whitecliff Bay, Barmouth Bay, Mill Rythe, Mersea Island. It doesn’t matter which Facebook account you post to, as long as we can see your comment, you’ll have a chance at winning.  It really is that easy. When the 5 days are over we will randomly select a number of winners. So keep a close eye on our social media profiles and don’t forget to share this great competition with your friends!

Here’s who you’ll be looking for over the next 5 days:


Day 1 – 14/03/16

Day 1 Easter Egg Hunt


Day 2 – 15/03/16

Day 2 Easter Egg Hunt


Day 3 – 16/03/16

Day 3 Easter Egg Hunt


Day 4 – 17/03/16

Day 4 Easter Egg Hunt


Day 5 – 18/03/16

Day 5 Easter Egg Hunt


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