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Cream Pie Fight

The biggest Cream Pie Fight ever!

Ready for a face full of foam? Round up your friends and families for some super pie slinging, face splatting madness!

You don’t even have to be hungry to join in the annual Cream Pie fight across all of our parks this summer. The only hunger you need is to not get covered in foam but to cover as many other guests with a Cream Pie!

You’ll feel the excitement build during this weekend as we head towards main event. Like a great western film, where all rivals face each other, sizing up the competition, the crazy, kooky, corybantic cornucopia of cream pies will definitely get you in a lather!

It’s a brilliant way to end the Summer holidays as not only will there be flying pies but we’ll also have a number of great activities and fun things happening throughout the day*. And remember, there are no sides, just cream pies.

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*Activities and Entertainment vary by park.

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