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Hot Tub Do’s

23rd June 2020 Published by
  1. Shower before and after use – this will remove oils, creams, lotions, make up, tans etc, which will seriously affect the water quality if not removed.
  2. Use the toilet before entering – not leaving the hot tub to use the toilet will seriously affect water quality.
  3. Respect your neighbours – no loud music, shouting or screaming outside. Due to the noise of the bubbles, you may not realise how loud you are. 10pm curfew must be adhered to at Barmouth Bay. 11pm curfew must be adhered to at Mersea Island, Sandy Balls, Tattershall Lakes and Whitecliff Bay.
  4. Only children over the age of 14. Supervise children in the area at ALL times.
  5. Limit your dips to a maximum of 15 minutes at a time – extended use can cause dizziness.
  6. Consult your GP before using if you are pregnant, suffering from any form of heart disease, circulation problems or any serious illness. If you feel unwell or experience breathing difficulties, discontinue use of the hot tub and seek medical advice.
  7. Take care when entering or exiting and use the mat provided – decking can become slippery when wet.
  8. Replace the lid after use – this will keep the heat in and be ready for you when you fancy another dip.
  9. Contact the park staff if you have any concerns or problems.
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