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Hot Tub Don’ts

23rd June 2020 Published by
  1. Don’t add anything – bubble bath, shampoo, gels, soaps, oils, salts etc, can seriously affect the water quality and filter system and will result in a cleaning charge of up to £100.
  2. Don’t rest any glasses on or near the hot tub – broken glass is almost invisible under water. Any broken glass found in the vicinity will result in the hot tub being drained to check for glass. Use plastic glasses instead.
  3. Do not use while using or after using any drug that may cause drowsiness, sleepiness or raise/lower your blood pressure.
  4. Don’t use any electrical equipment in the vicinity.
  5. Don’t use in a thunderstorm
  6. Don’t place candles on the hot tub – candle wax can damage the filter system.
  7. Don’t sit, stand or lie on the lid – they are not very strong. A replacement will be charged to you.
  8. Don’t immerse your head or swallow the water – this can increase the risk of infection. Don’t allow children under 14 years or those unable to keep their head above the water level when sitting, in the tub.
  9. Do not use after a heavy meal or while under the influence of alcohol.
  10. Don’t exceed the maximum number of people than it is designed for.
  11. No animals are allowed in the hot tub.

Please take note of these rules, should any of them not be adhered to, it could result in your hot tub being taken out of action!

Keep an eye out for the floating yellow duck. When in place, your tub is ready to enjoy!

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