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How You Can Make Your Children’s Wishes Come True…?

17th May 2013 Published by

The National Trust has come up with a list of things children should do before they are 11 ¾, as playing ‘IT’ is just not adventurous enough for kids anymore. Not only is the list done by the National Trust, it also has an input from children with their thoughts on what activities should be on your “bucket list” before you turn 12!

‘Catch a fish with a net’ – Mill Rythe has a beautiful fishing lake, where children can really come close to all types of fishes. You won’t be allowed to keep them, but you can leave with the accomplishment of catching a fish.

‘Hunt for fossils and bones’– Children can be archeologists for the day; here at Mill Rythe they can hammer, chip and chisel away to find their very own fossil which they can take home to keep!

‘Create some wild art’ – There is a variety of ways to make something creative at Mill Rythe. Making wild art is something fun and exciting for the whole family to get involved in. You can do some wild animal pottery painting, and really get imaginative- maybe a blue tiger with red stripes? Or how about some character mask making, you can draw or paint a colorful mask of your choice.

These are just some of the things on the list that you can do here at Mill Rythe! Ticking off your childrens wishes has never been easier; and the best part is you can join in with the excitement and make wonderful memories together.

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