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New Year’s Eve FAQs for Owners

We have put together a list of questions you may have about the power outage at Tattershall Lakes on New Year’s Eve.

Firstly, for those of you who were on the park for New Year’s Eve, we want to apologise for the disappointed we’re sure you feel at not being able to celebrate in the way we had planned.

What caused the power outage?

We are still working with the relevant electrical contractors to understand the cause of the outage and will update you once we know more. Please be assured that we will get to the bottom of the issue to endeavour to ensure we do not have a repeat to this scale of the power outage again.

However, we want to do something to make up for the disruptions to your night if you were on park. Any gesture is exactly that, we cannot put right what has gone wrong but would hope that you can accept our gesture in the spirit that it is offered. We are also mindful that although holiday home owners use their holiday homes in different ways we want to ensure that we treat all of those holiday home owners affected equally. It would not be fair or appropriate to treat those affected differently even though we understand that each holiday home owners circumstances may be different.

What will you be doing for your owners affected by the power outage?

In considering the impact you may have felt as a consequence of the power outage, we would like to offer our owners the following:

Vouchers to the value of £150 to use at your leisure in 2020 within any of the bar and catering outlets on the park so that you can hopefully have your own private celebration and a meal on us!

OR Credit of £75 to your owner account (There is a face value difference due to the fact that we will of course cover our product cost in the retail route)

To make your choice, please use the form button below. Once we have received your choice we will credit your account or post your retail vouchers (they will need to be signed for) within 7 days.

Fill Out Online

I privately rented my holiday home to guests who are requesting a refund, who is responsible for them?

For those of you who were letting your holiday home privately, you also can select between an account credit or vouchers and will have the opportunity to attend EXCLUSIVE owner events however we won’t be offering your customers any refunds as their booking relationship is with yourselves

It is only fair that all holiday home owners are treated the same regardless of how they have chosen to utilise their holiday home. Unfortunately with any commercial venture there is an element of risk and reward and given that we are not party to any of the transactions that have been undertaken privately we cannot be held responsible for any independent contract each holiday home owner may have entered into. You, of course, have the choice to look after your customers as you see fit and we have shared with you for information the approach we have taken with Away Resorts holiday customers.

How do I get my New Year’s Eve tickets refunded?

For those of you who purchased tickets for the New Years Eve party, these will of course be refunded. We will call you to arrange if necessary.

How long will it take to get my vouchers or account credit?

We will be posting these to you within 7 days of receiving your choice – this can be done using our online form.

My guests/I bought entertainment passes, how do they get a refund?

If you booked directly with Away Resorts, your entertainment pass will have been included in your price. If you booked privately and purchased entertainment passes at guest services, please contact [email protected] where someone will be in touch.

What steps have you taken so that this doesn’t happen again?

In reviewing our response to the situation, with immediate effect, we are reviewing the following to mitigate any risk in the future.

We are undertaking a full review of our resources and plans following the event, but the most important thing is that we undertake work to ensure that such a system failure does not occur again.

As stated earlier, we presently don’t know what caused the power to fail, however, we want to do something to make up for the disruptions to your night. Any gesture is exactly that, we cannot put right what has gone wrong but would hope that you can accept our gesture in the spirit that it is offered.

How did we communicate the power cut to owners, and what is The Third Place social?

We gave regular updates on Social Media e.g Facebook, Twitter on both our official Facebook page and our Third Place Social group for Tattershall Lakes owners. Our Third Place Social is a Facebook group that all are owners are free to join (owners will need to go through an authorisation before they’re accepted).

I have a specific question related to NYE that is not listed here…

If we haven’t answered all of your questions please email us at [email protected] or call Tattershall Lakes on 01526 348800.

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