Sandsfoot Castle in Dorset

About 13 minutes from park

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39 Old Castle Rd, Weymouth DT4 8QE

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About Sandsfoot Castle

Sandsfoot Castle is a Henrican Castle built during the 16th Century in Dorset - the perfect place to explore. Completed in 1539, the castle was built to provide a defence for shipping in the safe anchorage of 'Portland Roads'.

A fascinating and educational day out, Sandsfoot Castle is an iconic ruin on the Rodwell Trail perfect for both walkers and cyclists to explore. 

How to get to Sandsfoot Castle

If travelling via car, turn off South from the A354 on the corner where Rodwell Road becomes Buxton Road. After this turning you will find Sandsfoot Castle Gardens and the Castle itself on the left, about 600m away.

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