Monkey Haven

About 29 minutes from park

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Five Acres Farm, Staplers Rd, Newport PO30 2NB

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About Monkey Haven

Animal lover? Whether you’re visiting the Isle of Wight by yourself or with the whole family in tow, stop by Monkey Haven for an afternoon hanging out with some beautiful rescued primates and birds of prey. In 1999, Monkey Haven was nothing more than another muddy field on the Isle of Wight. Founder Don Walser had big plans for his animal rescue centre, which would develop into the attraction we know today with the support of local communities throughout the following decade. This award-winning animal sanctuary has rescued hundreds of animals in need, from the tiniest songbirds to Indonesian gibbons and more. Plan your visit and show support for this incredible animal centre. There are lots of things to see and do at Monkey Haven, including daily talks, feeding times, and opportunities to get close to some of the residents.  

What to see at Monkey Haven

There are lots of beautiful rescued primates and birds of prey to meet when you visit Monkey Haven. Animals have come to the centre for various reasons, whether they were unable to fend for themselves or experienced bullying in their original groups. Make sure you get there early to see as much as possible and make the most of your day. Monkey Haven’s star monkeys and apes include silky black Muller’s and Siamang gibbons, fluffy-eared marmosets, and sweet white-throated capuchins. There are also some breathtaking barn owls and impressive Bengal eagle owls to check out while you’re there.

How to get to Monkey Haven

Wherever you’re staying on the Isle of Wight, you can get to Monkey Haven quickly by car or bus. If you’re driving from central Newport, take the Ryde exit off the main roundabout and turn right onto Staplers Road. The rescue centre is just over a mile on the left. To get there by bus, hop on the number nine, which stops about 200 yards from the main entrance.

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