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Wakeboarding and Watersport Events at Tattershall Lakes

23rd April 2014 Published by


You can tell that we have a lot of different watersports on offer here at Tattershall Lakes. Did you also know that, in fact, the park is also well known as a site for many watersports events in the area? We’re even the training ground for undefeated British Junior Champion Cameron Green! With over 180 acres of lake area available for use, it’s no wonder that we’re the premier regional location for all manner of watersports in the UK.

Tattershall Lakes is especially well known for its wakeboarding. Our special wakeboarding park, Just Wake, opened in July 2012, and features many unique obstacles making it one of the most engaging and challenging wakeboarding destinations in the UK. Just Wake has the UK’s only Red Bull quarter pipe, as well as a challenging pipe rail, a 96-foot double-ended fun box and many other special obstacles. You can find out more about what’s going on at the park by visiting the Just Wake website.

It’s not all about wakeboarding of course. Another of our lakes is designated just for boat owners, and comes complete with a professional slalom course, several jumps and an area designated especially for waterskiing. There’s even a lake area of about 45 acres that is just for Jet Ski users. If fast-paced watersports are really your thing, then what more could you ask for out of one location?


We at Tattershall Lakes understand that enjoying the water isn’t all about speed and nail-biting thrills. Our lakes are also a great place to find serenity and relaxation, which is why we offer a nice relaxing alternative to wakeboarding and Jet Skiing in the form of our pedal boats, which seat up to three people each. Hire one or two of these boats and just enjoy the peace, quiet and beautiful Lincolnshire scenery.

2014 is going to be a big year for Lincolnshire watersports events. There are many important dates coming up in the calendar that are worth noting if you’re a watersports fan. On May 10th there’s the UK Rider League and the Kneeboard League on the boat lake. The day after, May 11th, brings the Cable Competition to Tattershall. And on August 10th, we are even hosting the Under-16 UK National Cable Cutting Edge Competition. So, there’s a lot going on at the park and a lot of great events to look out for.

Keep your eyes on our website for further information about these events to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the excitement at Tattershall Lakes this summer.

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