Trick or Treat Trail


Greetings, brave souls, and welcome to 'The Boo Crew' Trick or Treat Trail – a chilling adventure that will lead you through the eerie depths of our enchanted resort. As you venture forth into this shadowy realm, prepare to unravel the mysteries that shroud our hidden secrets. 

Your journey begins with the mysterious Boo Crew Clue Sheet, a cryptic guide to seven enigmatic locations scattered across the haunted grounds. At each location, you will unearth a dark secret word, a piece of the puzzle that will lead you one step closer to unlocking the hauntingly sweet prize awaiting the lucky winner. 

At the journey's end, hand your completed Boo Crew Clue Sheet to one of our mysterious Boo Crew members. Your fate will be sealed, and you'll be entered into the spine-tingling prize draw for a chance to win the coveted Mega Monster Sweetie Hamper. The winner's name shall emerge from the shadows after the haunting season has passed. 

Collect your Boo Crew Clue Sheet from a member of the Boo Crew once you’re on holiday to begin your journey. 

You can win...

Mega Monster Sweetie Hamper

Complete the trail and hand your Clue Sheet into the Boo Crew for a chance to win this super sweet hamper full of ghoulishly good treats!

Collect your Boo Crew Badge

Complete the trail and collect your badge from our Boo Crew. Collect three badges and you’ll become a fully-fledged member of the Boo Crew with a License to Scare!

Discovering different...

Whilst you wait... just think about being in your swimmers, the sun's out and the smiles are big