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Calling All Doctor Who Fans!

17th April 2014 Published by

With our vibrant revamped Culver Club up and running again, we’re thrilled to see all our lovely holiday guests enjoying the brand new layout and dancing under that disco ball. As most would have noticed by now there is something distinctive, which stands out when you walk in to the Culver…. That’s right, the Doctor Who box! What’s that all about?

For those who have grown up watching Doctor Who might remember the episodes called Doctor Who and the Sea Devils that aired in 1972. Although it was a while ago, the iconic show filmed some of their scenes at our very own Whitecliff Bay!

Scenes were shot on the East and West side of Whitecliff Bay beach, the same beach we all go and build sandcastles on, play water sports and just sit back and relax on. How great is that! The scenes were of the prison guards pulling up on the beach to stop Doctor Who himself. What better way to celebrate that moment then entering through the phenomenal tardis and taking you to a place where you can dance, sing, eat and have fun with the whole family.


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