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Our Away Resorts cancellation plan

Away Resorts Booking Reassurance

Cancellation Plan 

In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your holiday with us for one of the reasons below, our cancellation plan protects guests from forfeited deposits and other payments. 

  • Certified illness 
  • Death or accidental injury
  • Jury service 
  • Court of law summons 
  • Redundancy from a job held for 2-years or more  

The cost of our plan is as follows, and you'll recieve back the any costs already paid towards your holiday, whether part or full payment, minus the cost of the cancellation plan:

  • £18 per break for 4-berth accommodation 
  • £26 per break for 6-berth accommodation 
  • £34 per break for 8-berth accommodation 
  • £12 for all touring breaks, for up to 6 people 

You must provide proof and only those shown on the booking confirmation are covered. It is not an insurance policy. Further full terms and conditions can be found in our terms and conditions section, point 58. 

Your cancellation plan must be added at the time of booking. You can do this with our friendly operators or at the checkout stage online. 

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