Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as, together with your Booking Confirmation, any additional terms referred to on our website or in special offers or promotions, and anything else we agree with you in writing, make up your agreement with us. By making a Booking with us, you will be agreeing to abide by these Terms & Conditions. You will also be agreeing to abide by our Park Rules, as defined below, which are incorporated by reference into these Terms & Conditions.

We aim to provide Terms & Conditions which are easily understandable.  If there is any term that you do not understand, please discuss it with us before booking.

For any other issues, questions or queries about any of your experiences whilst on Park, please contact Guest Services.


Key Definitions 

When the following words are used in these Terms & Conditions, this is what we mean:

“Accommodation”: the accommodation that we are providing to you as set out in the Booking Confirmation, including the Pitch and Facilities;

“Agreement”: the contract between us and you based on (i) these Terms & Conditions; (ii) your Booking Confirmation; (iii) any conditions we refer to on our website; (iv) any additional special offer terms and conditions; and (v) anything else we agree with you in writing;

“Away Resorts/we/our/us”: Away Resorts Limited, which is a company registered in England and Wales (company number 06458827), whose registered office is at 200 Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7TG; 

“Booking”: your Accommodation booking which has been accepted by us in a Booking Confirmation;

“Booking Confirmation”: our written acceptance of your booking;

"Facilities" means the services which we have promised to make available without a separate charge to you, for example any utilities to your Pitch. Other facilities or services may be made available to you on Park subject to payment of a separate charge; 

“Park”: the Away Resorts park at which you have booked to stay;

"Park Rules": the rules of conduct and practice issued by us from time to time and applicable to the Park, which are available at the Guest Services of your chosen Park; 

“Pitch” does not include any part of the Park except that on which the Accommodation in which you are staying stands;

"Site Licence" means (where applicable) the caravan Site Licence applicable to the Park issued to us by the local authority under Section 3 of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and other relevant statutes;

"You/your" means the lead guest who makes the Booking, who must attend the holiday booked.

References to taxes and laws are references to them as extended, amended or replaced from time to time.

When we use the words “writing” or “written”, this will include email or any other written contact unless we state otherwise.

When do these Terms & Conditions apply?

1.    These Terms & Conditions apply whether you make a Booking via our website, by email, telephone or in person.  Any bookings made via a third party booking agent are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant third party in relation to the booking process, payment, cancellation etc, but will also be subject to the Park Rules and behaviour and other relevant requirements set out in these Terms & Conditions.

2.    Any guests who book to stay privately via an owner of a holiday home on one of our Parks will be subject to any terms and conditions of the holiday home owner and/or their letting agent.  Save for personal injury caused by our negligence, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for private let guests and any changes, cancellations or booking queries should be referred back to the relevant owner and/or their letting agent.  However, private letting guests are still subject to the Park Rules and other relevant requirements set out in these Terms & Conditions and will also be required to purchase an additional activity and facilities pass if they wish to use any of the facilities on the Park. 

Who may stay with us

3.    Only the people named or referred to on the Booking Form, or whose names are provided to us when the Booking is made by another means, may stay with us.  

4.    Your Booking is personal to you and you cannot assign or transfer it to any other person without our written agreement. As lead guest, you will be responsible for ensuring that all members of your party adhere to these Terms & Conditions.

5.    To achieve a family friendly atmosphere for all our guests, we reserve the right to not accept bookings from persons under the age of 21.  

6.    Our Parks are used by families and friends and, although we welcome groups and clubs, bookings for the following may only be made if they are accepted by us (an “Authorised Group Booking”):

(a)  party groups such as stag or hen parties or other adult only groups which we feel may disrupt other guests;
(b)  motorcycle or scooter groups;
(c)  other groups, clubs or associations;
(d)  bookings (or related bookings) for more than five Pitches or more than five units in total (or more than three Pitches at East Fleet Farm)

Authorised Group bookings are available at the discretion of our management.  Should you wish to make a group booking, please call us on 0330 053 7000.  

7.    Any groups who come to the Park without prior authorisation as above may have the Booking(s) cancelled and (if their stay with us has started) may be asked to leave the Park without refund or cancellation. 

8.    We do not accept bookings from or allow anyone to stay on a Park who is listed on the Violent And Sex Offenders Register (or any register which supersedes this).  By making a Booking you are confirming that no one in your party is on this register.

How to book

9.    Bookings can be requested online via our website, by telephone call to our Contact Centre, or in person at one of our Parks.  We will need you to tell us the number of people for whom the booking is requested , their names (if we request them), and whether they are over or under the age of 18. 

10.    You must also tell us your full requirements at the time of booking, for example if you would like to bring any pets, vehicles, tents or other structures, and/or whether you have any special requirements such as disabled or easy access. We may need this information when deciding whether we are able to accept your booking.

11.    If you do not provide us with this information after being asked to do so, or if you provide us with incomplete or incorrect information, we may either cancel your Booking or make an additional reasonable charge to cover any extra items supplied or work required.  If you do not pay any such additional charge promptly on request, we may cancel your Booking.

12.    You submit the booking to us, but this does not mean we have accepted it.  We may or may not do so.  Our acceptance of the booking will take place when we issue our Booking Confirmation to you, at which point a contract will come into existence and these Terms & Conditions will become binding on both you and us.  If we are unable to supply you with your chosen break, we will inform you of this and we will not accept the Booking.

13.    Please check your Booking Confirmation carefully to ensure that it reflects your booking. Please let us know of any difference or discrepancy within seven days of receipt, unless your holiday is to start within 14 days in which case you should inform us within 24 hours. 

14.    We reserve the right to refuse any booking request without explanation.

15.    Please note that, whilst we make every effort to accommodate special requests, they are never guaranteed, nor do they form part of your contract with us.

16.    Accommodation layouts can vary from those featured in our advertising, and can also vary by Park.  Please call us on 0330 053 7000 to discuss if you have a specific accommodation requirement.  All images used in our advertising materials are used for illustrative purposes only, and actual accommodation and facilities may vary.

17.    Accessibility: As noted above, please let us know at the time of booking if you require assistance with access.  We will be pleased to provide, in advance, as much advice and information as possible to people with disabilities who wish to holiday with us.  Wheelchair access for some facilities and entertainment venues at some Parks may be limited.  We have some specially adapted accommodation for wheelchair users (subject to availability), but some of our accommodation may not be suitable for electric wheelchairs due to their weight and size.  Guests using hypodermic needles (eg, diabetic guests) must ensure that they are able to safely dispose of their equipment.  Please contact our bookings team and we will assist wherever possible.

The price you pay

18.    The price of the Booking will be set out in the Booking Confirmation, and is inclusive of VAT, except for certain newspaper promotions such as The Sun annual promotion, which may include prices that are exclusive of VAT.

19.    Our prices may change at any time but, unless paragraphs 20 or 24 below apply, price changes will not affect Bookings already confirmed with you whether they go up or down.

20.    If the applicable VAT rate changes, our prices (including the price of a confirmed Booking) will change to reflect the change. 

21.    The minimum price of any Booking is £50.

22.    All discounts and special offers are subject to availability, cannot be guaranteed, and only one discount or offer may be used per Booking.  Offer codes cannot be added retrospectively once a Booking has been made.  Please note that not all discounts and special offers are available at all of our Parks.  Please call us on 0330 053 7000 to check if a discount or offer applies to your chosen Park.

23.    Our prices generally include the supply of linen where applicable, provision of electricity and gas, plus entry to the Facilities.  Additional services or facilities may incur a charge.  Certain grades of accommodation also include towels and other extras.  Where Accommodation includes a log burner, we provide one starter log.  Additional logs may be purchased from Reception.  Use of own logs is prohibited.  Please check the full list of inclusions at the time of booking.  

24.    We do our very best to ensure that all prices are correct at the time of publication.  If, however, we publish an error, we will contact you as soon as possible to correct this by refunding any overpayment or, where there has been an underpayment, we will (at your choice) either collect the underpayment or cancel your Booking and refund the price paid.

25.    When you request your booking, we will ask you to pay a deposit of at least 10% of the price of your holiday or (if you are requesting to book 10 weeks or less before the start date) the full price.  Where promotional rules are subject to different rules they will be clearly indicated.

26.    Unless you paid in full when requesting your booking, the balance of the price of your holiday must be paid at least 10 weeks before the start date. We are not required to send you a reminder. If the balance is not paid by 10 weeks before the holiday start date, then we may cancel the Booking and retain your deposit as our cancellation charge. 

27.    Please make sure that you book all the dates you need. We are not able to guarantee that we will be able to extend your Booking. 

28.    28. If you make a Booking 10 weeks or less before the start of your break, you will need to make full payment via electronic bank transfer or with a debit or credit card (in your name only) either over the phone or via the “Manage my Account” section of our website. For payments made over the phone, the payment card used must be presented along with a valid form of photo identification (driving licence or passport) and proof of home address (if requested) at Park check in before Accommodation keys will be issued. Failure to provide any of these items may result in cancellation of the Booking.

29.    Unless stated, ferry charges are not included in our prices, but we may be able to assist you with booking ferry travel if requested.  Please contact us to discuss. All ferry bookings are subject to the ferry provider’s standard Terms & Conditions, which are available on their website.

30.    To ensure that we are able to communicate with guests in a speedy and efficient manner, all correspondence and invoicing will be via email.  If you don’t have an email account, please contact us by phone to discuss.

31.    Any refunds payable under these Terms & Conditions will generally be returned using the same method of payment as that used for your original Booking.  Refunds take 7-10 working days to return to you once processed.  If you have used vouchers or coupons to make your Booking, these may be transferred to another break (subject to the terms of the voucher or coupon) but will not be cash refunded.   

Arrivals and departures

32.    We will supply the Accommodation to you from the date set out in the Booking Confirmation, for the number of people stated in the Booking Confirmation. The total number of people staying with us must not exceed the capacity of the Accommodation booked.  This includes infants and babies that may be in travel cots.  A maximum of 6 guests per tenting or touring Pitch applies.  

33.    Check in times vary depending on the grade of Accommodation you have booked.  Check in times are generally between 2:30 and 5:00pm (for touring and camping guests please see paragraph 38 below).  Please check the time listed on your Booking Confirmation.  Early check in may be possible if previously agreed with us.  You are asked not to arrive earlier without calling us first.  We are unable to guarantee an early check in, even where your travel arrangements result in you arriving prior to your scheduled check in time.  Your Accommodation will usually be ready by check in time on the day of your arrival but, in the event of any delay, we will provide somewhere for you to leave your luggage temporarily.

34.    After hours check in: Guest Services closing times can vary by Park, however after hours check in may be available by contacting Security.  If you expect to arrive after 6:00pm, please contact the Park to let them know.  If you do not arrive by 11:00am on the second day of your Booking and have not contacted us, the Booking will be treated as cancelled.

35.    We will try to allocate the location of your choice on the Park, but Bookings are not conditional on this. 

36.    Your location on the Park and directions to it will be confirmed on arrival. If you are in any doubt, please check with us. Any guest staying in the wrong location may be required to move.

37.    In Accommodation with balconies, adult supervision is required at all times.  Balconies are used at guests’ own risk.

38.    Touring and camping guests may arrive from 12 noon.  Pitches must be vacated by 10:00am on the day of departure.  Guests arriving after 9:00pm must contact the Park before arriving to check if we can accommodate an overnight holding bay.  

39.    You must vacate the Accommodation by 10:00am on the day of your departure. An additional charge may be made for a late departure that has not been agreed with us.  Late checkout may be permitted between 10:00am and 6:30pm, but is subject to availability and a small charge (after prior agreement with us).

40.    Please ensure that you look after any belongings which you bring to Park and do not leave any valuables unattended.  We recommend that guests take out adequate insurance cover to protect against loss, theft or damage to belongings.  All guests are responsible for looking after their own belongings whilst on Park and, subject to paragraph 76 of these Terms & Conditions, we do not accept any liability for loss or damage to your belongings.   

41.    Please check your Accommodation carefully prior to departure.  We cannot accept any responsibility for items left behind.  At the end of your holiday, please leave everything in a clean and tidy condition.  If applicable, we ask that guests deposit all their refuse and recycling in the recycling centre at the Park.  Please ensure that you use the correct section for the appropriate kind of refuse you are disposing of. 

Touring Sites only: restrictions on Pitches, tents, awnings, vehicles and generators

42.    The following are not permitted on our Parks:

(a)    jumbo tents (longer than 10 metres) or tents with extending pods;
(b)    motor homes more than 7.315 metres (24 feet) in length (or 8.5 metres for East Fleet Farm);
(c)    fifth wheeler caravans of any kind;
(d)    converted commercial or working vehicles of any kind, including but not limited to buses, vans and trucks.  We are unable to accept these vehicles even if the caravan or tent is being dropped off;
(e)    oversized awnings (larger than 10 x 10 metres);
(f)    sleeping in awnings;
(g)    electric heaters in awnings;
(h)    generators; 
(i)    open fires, fireworks and ground level BBQs.

43.    A 3.5 metre gap (or 6 metre gap for East Fleet Farm) must be maintained between your own caravan/motor home or tent accommodation and your neighbours’ accommodation, to serve as a firebreak.

44.    If, after allowing for any awning/gazebo and the mandatory minimum 3.5 metre gap between units, a tent (which term includes a trailer tent) or motor home will not fit on a single Pitch of approximately 10 metres (or 6 x 8 metres for East Fleet Farm), you must book an additional Pitch.  If, after arrival, it is found that the combined dimensions of your tent/motor home/gazebo/firebreak exceed the Pitch area, you will be charged for an additional Pitch and may be asked to move to a different Pitch.

45.    Guests with caravans/motor homes are not permitted to erect tents on the same Pitch but may erect one awning per Pitch.  Camping guests may erect only one tent per Pitch.  Certain Pitches at East Fleet Farm are unable to accept awnings.

46.    Electric hook-ups are rated at 10amp, 16 amps/3680 watss 230v supply and you may not exceed this limit.  It is for sensible use of proprietary caravan electric equipment.  One socket per Pitch, no splitters please.

East Fleet Farm specific terms:

47.    We only accept up to 3 related Bookings onsite.  Any attempt to book more than this will result in those extra Bookings being cancelled.  Please do not ask to be put next to or near to an existing group as this will not be permitted. East Fleet Farm is a lovely family park – not for wild group parties.   

48.    To achieve a friendly, family orientated atmosphere for all our guests, we have the right to refuse “all adult” or other group bookings which we feel may disrupt other guests, please contact the Park before booking or travelling.

49.    Please ride bikes, play ball games and fly kites away from toilet blocks and camping/caravan areas.  The Park is not suitable for all types of scooters, roller skates, skateboards or hover boards.

50.    TVs and radios should always be used considerately.  We have quiet time between 11pm and 8am.

51.    Some of our breaks at East Fleet Farm have a limited or minimum number of nights required, please call us for more information.

Your rights to cancel or change your Booking

Cancellation by You

52.    We prefer that customers who are unable to take their holiday agree to postpone to a mutually convenient date. However, if you have booked directly with Away Resorts online, via phone or in person, you may cancel your holiday at any time, subject to payment of any cancellation charge set out in paragraph 54 below. If you need to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible by calling us on 0330 053 7000.  Cancellation will be effective on the date on which we are informed of your cancellation. 

53.    You may cancel your Booking by contacting us within 24 hours of receipt of your Booking Confirmation, provided that your holiday has not yet started.  We will confirm your cancellation to you and refund any payments you have made to us in respect of the Booking.  

54.    If you cancel your Booking after 24 hours have elapsed since receipt of your Booking Confirmation, cancellation charges are payable as follows, calculated from the date on which you contact us to cancel and based on the number of days prior to the start date of your holiday:

Bookings created from 13th March 2023

Number of days prior to start date 

Cancellation charge 



7 days or less 

100% of holiday cost 

8-28 days 

90% of holiday cost 

29-41 days 

50% of holiday cost 

42-55 days 

40% of holiday cost 

56-69 days

30% of holiday cost 

70 days of more No refund of deposit


Bookings created before and including 12th March 2023 

Number of days prior to start date 

Cancellation charge 



7 days or less 

100% of holiday cost 

8-28 days 

90% of holiday cost 

29-41 days 

50% of holiday cost 

42-55 days 

30% of holiday cost 

56 or more days 

No refund of deposit 


55.    Cancellation charges referred to above will not be payable if you cancel because we are in serious breach of our obligations in these Terms & Conditions.

56.    Unless expressly stated elsewhere in these Terms & Conditions, you are not entitled to any refund if you or any of your guests leave before the end of your holiday. 

Changes you may make to your Booking

57.    You may ask us to change the start date of any Booking by contacting us prior to the start of your holiday, subject to the following conditions: 
(a)    no changes may be made to your Booking if your holiday start date is within 14 days of the request;
(b)    an administration fee will be payable in respect of any changes made more than 14 days prior to the original start date of your Booking;
(c)    all requests are subject to availability;
(d)    the alternative dates must be within the same calendar year as the original Booking;
(e)    if the cost of your alternative holiday is higher than that of your original Booking, then the difference in price as at the date the request is made will be charged.  If the cost of your alternative holiday is lower than that of your original Booking, no refund will be given;
(f)    if you wish to extend your Booking, then the additional nights will be charged at the price applicable on the date on which you make the amendment to the Booking. 

58.    We recommend that you consider appropriate holiday insurance which covers any cancellation charges and any additional losses which you may incur through cancellation of your holiday, whether by you or by us. 

Park Cancellation Plan

59.    The Park Cancellation Plan (available via Away Resorts) is designed to protect guests from forfeited deposits and other payments made towards their holiday cost in the event that they are required to cancel their holiday on the Park.  The Cancellation Plan is strongly recommended on all holidays where the total holiday cost exceeds £50.  The cost of the Plan for self-catered Accommodation is £18 per break for four berth accommodation, £26 for six berth and £34 for eight berth.  The cost of the Plan for touring guests is £12 per break for up to six people, regardless of age, as shown on the Booking Form.

60.    Holidays with a total cost of less than £50 are not covered under this Plan and refunds in respect of these holidays cannot be made.  The Plan covers holiday cancellation that is due to one of the reasons specified in paragraph 60(d) below.  This cancellation plan is an additional payment which you make to us in return for additional cancellation rights.  It is not an insurance policy and guests are advised to arrange their own insurance cover for personal possessions, vehicle breakdown, emergency expenses, medical expenses, etc.  Refunds under the Plan will be made in respect of cancellations provided the following conditions are met: 

(a)    notification of cancellation is made by you immediately and in any case before the start date of the Booking and is confirmed via email;
(b)    a doctor’s medical certificate or other evidence is provided to show that the cancellation was unavoidable*;
(c)    only members of the party included on the Booking Form are covered (full guest names should be added to the Booking);
(d)    the cancellation must relate to actual and certified illness, death or accidental injury sufficient to prevent a member of the party taking part in the Booking, jury service, court of law witness summons and/or redundancy from a job which has been held for at least 2 years.

61.    The cancellation plan cannot be added once you have received your Booking Confirmation.

*Please note, COVID-19 is exempt from the above.  Please refer to our “Book with Confidence” conditions on our website.

Cancellations/changes by Us

62.    We may make reasonable changes to our Parks, Accommodation or facilities without liability to you. Our changes may reflect changes in relevant laws, guidance and regulatory requirements or implement minor technical adjustments and improvements, for example to address a health and safety risk. 

63.    Unless paragraph 65 applies, if we make changes which mean we can only provide your holiday in a radically different way, we will give you the choice between confirming your Booking, agreeing new Booking dates with us, or cancelling any part of the Booking not yet taken. We prefer that you postpone rather than cancel but will always allow you to cancel where the law gives you the right to do so.

64.    Occasionally we may need to cancel a Booking due to the unavailability of key personnel or key facilities, without which we cannot provide the Accommodation, or if Accommodation is no longer available, for example due to a change in break theme.  We may cancel before your Booking starts or during the course of it.  If this happens: 
(a)    we will promptly contact you to let you know;
(b)    we may cancel your Booking and refund your payments for any part of the Booking not yet taken, or offer alternative accommodation and refund any payments less the cost of the alternative accommodation;
(c)    if we offer alternative accommodation, you may still choose to cancel your Booking and we will refund the payments you have made to us for any part of the Booking not yet taken.

65.    Subject to paragraph 66 below, we will have no responsibility (including any liability to pay compensation) for any failure to perform our obligations under these Terms & Conditions which is caused by an Event Outside Our Control. An Event Outside Our Control means any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation strikes, lockouts or other industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic, pandemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks or interruption in the supply of utilities to the Park.

66.    If an Event Outside Our Control prevents us from performing our obligations under these Terms & Conditions at all: 
(a)    we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to notify you;
(b)    we may cancel your Booking and refund your payments, or provide alternative accommodation and refund any payments you have made to us, less the cost of alternative accommodation;
(c)    if the cost of the alternative accommodation is greater than the payments owed to us, you may cancel your Booking and we will refund any payments you have made to us.

If cancellation occurs under this paragraph 66, and your holiday has not yet started, then we will refund your Booking including any deposit.  If your holiday has started, then we will refund in full any days unused when we cancel.  We will not be liable to make any other payment to you. 

67.    We may also cancel your holiday if you breach any of these Terms and Conditions. Paragraphs 123-125 below give further details.

Complaints Policy

68.    In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your Accommodation: 
(a)    please tell us as soon as possible by speaking to a member of our Guest Services team;
(b)    please give us the opportunity to put it right;
(c)    we will make every effort to repair or fix any problem as soon as possible.

69.    If we are unable to fix the problem, we may offer to re-locate you to another unit of a similar grade or higher.  If no upgrade or similar grade is available, then we may allocate a lower grade and refund the price difference.  This is subject to availability and, if we are not able to re-accommodate you, and the problem has been caused by our fault or error, we will cancel your Booking and refund payments made for Accommodation not yet provided to you.

70.    We are confident you will be happy with our service. If you have any complaint, we encourage you to discuss it with us as soon as possible as this gives us the best chance of resolving it with you. If we aren’t given the opportunity to resolve your complaint whilst you are on holiday, we may not be able to fully investigate any feedback on your return and claims may be rejected.

71.    If, at the end of your holiday, you feel that we have not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily you should write to Guest Solutions at Away Resorts Limited (postal contact details in paragraph 144 below) or email guestsolutions@awayresorts.co.uk within 28 days of the end of your holiday setting out your complaint.  Please note, the correspondence must be from the lead booked named in the Booking Confirmation.  Please remember to include your booking reference number and contact details.

72.    As a consumer, you have legal rights in relation to this agreement.  Advice about these rights is available from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Authority.  Nothing in these Terms & Conditions will affect these legal rights.

Personal data

73.    Any personal data you provide to us will be processed in accordance with our detailed Privacy Policy, which is available on our website at www.awayresorts.co.uk/privacy, and lists how we use your information, when we share it with third parties, how long we keep it for and how to contact us.

Our promises to you

74.    We will allow you to stay with us for the duration of your Booking for private holiday and recreational purposes, provided you comply with your obligations in these Terms and Conditions and except where Events Outside Our Control prevent us from doing so.  

75.    We will provide, maintain and keep in good state of repair the Facilities, except where these have to be interrupted temporarily for the purposes of repair or development or for other reasons caused by Events Outside Our Control.

76.    If we fail to comply with these Terms & Conditions or are negligent, we are responsible for any loss or damage you suffer as a natural consequence of our breach or negligence.  However, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is natural if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or if it was contemplated by both you and us at the time we entered into this agreement.  We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for (a) death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors; (b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any other liability which may not be excluded or limited by law.

Your promises to us

You agree that you will:

77.    Keep to these Terms and Conditions and the Park Rules.

78.    Stay with us only for holiday and recreational purposes. 

79.    Pay promptly for your holiday and other charges due to us.

80.    Pay to us interest at 3% per annum over the published base rate of Barclays Bank plc from time to time on any undisputed sums overdue from the due date to the date we actually receive such amounts from you, both before and after any judgment that we may obtain against you.

81.    Not cause any damage during your holiday.  You may be liable for the cost of repair of any damage to our property, equipment or facilities which is caused by you or anyone in your party, or by any of your visitors.  Any malicious, wilful or unreported damage may result in termination of your Booking with us without refund.

82.    Not do or fail to do anything which might put us in breach of any condition of the Site Licence - for example, the conditions of the Site Licence which may affect you include those requiring the space between caravans and other structures to be kept clear, those prohibiting combustible structures, those regarding car parking and those requiring the underside of caravans to be kept clear. 

83.    Not make any alteration to any Accommodation or Pitch. 

84.    Permit us to move you to another location on the Park if necessary. We will ensure that any alternative location will be of similar quality and be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred.

85.    Not use the Accommodation for any commercial purpose (for the avoidance of doubt, we shall have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity even if we fail to comply with these Terms & Conditions).

Behaviour standards

86.    These standards will apply from when you request your booking until your holiday ends. Unless stated otherwise, they apply whether or not you are on the Park at the time. 

87.    You agree to, and you must make sure that you, your party and any visitors (including, in each case, their children), keep to the following standards of behaviour:

(a)    To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and anyone visiting, using or working on the Park, including other customers, and to refrain from any anti-social behaviour towards such persons;

(b)    To treat our property, facilities, accommodation and touring Pitches with respect and care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them.  In the event that you notice damage to any Accommodation, facility or equipment on the Park, please report it to Guest Services immediately so that we can take appropriate action;  

(c)    To supervise children so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or other people using the Park;

(d)    To refrain from making any excessive noise or playing loud music after 11:00pm;

(e)    To refrain from smoking in any of our Accommodation, facilities, restaurants or entertainment areas on the Park (you may only smoke in our designated areas, if any);

(f)    To inform the Duty Manager via Guest Services should you suffer from an infectious illness whilst you are on holiday.  For the protection of our guests and staff, anyone found to have such an illness may be confined to their Accommodation or requested to leave the Park;

88.    Not to:

(a)    commit any criminal offence (whether or not on the Park or in its vicinity) which causes 
your name to be entered on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or causes you to be subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these);

(b)    use the Park in connection with any criminal activity or commit any other criminal offence (i.e. any offence not already subject to paragraph 88 (a) at the Park or in its vicinity;

(c)    commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance on the Park, or any other illegal behaviour including but not limited to violence, theft, drug use, verbal or physical abuse;

(d)    use fireworks, Chinese lanterns or any similar open flame heat source on the Park;

(e)    fly any kites or drones on the Park;

(f)    keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon on the Park;

(g)    keep or use any unlawful drugs on the Park;

(h)    create undue noise or disturbance or commit antisocial behaviour on the Park;

(i)    carry on any trade or business at the Park without our prior written permission;

(j)    permit anyone who is to your knowledge on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or 
subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or a Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these) to use or visit the Park.

89.    You agree that if you or any of your family members or visitors or guests whom you have invited to the Park break the behaviour standards listed above then we may terminate your Booking.

90.    We use CCTV on our Parks for crime prevention and safety purposes and calls to us may be recorded for quality and safety purposes.

Facilities & Entertainment

Facility & Activity Passes/Guest Passes

91.    All guests who book their holiday at the Park directly with Away Resorts will receive an activity and facility pass to enable them to use the facilities on the Park, which is included in the price of the Booking.  Guests should carry their passes with them at all times as they will be asked to present these on entry to the Park facilities and to make purchases.  Lost passes must be reported to the Guest Services team at the Park.

92.    Guests who book their holiday via any other party (for example, a holiday homeowner or a third party booking agency) are required to purchase a facility and activity pass separately in order to gain access to facilities on the Park.  The cost of these passes can be found here: https://www.awayresorts.co.uk/faqs. 


93.    In some circumstances, entertainment, activities or facilities may need to be temporarily or permanently withdrawn.  Should such changes occur, wherever possible we will endeavour to advise guests who have already booked, but we are unable to accept liability for the loss of an advertised facility or to pay compensation for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause to our guests. 

94.    For health and safety reasons, some of our facilities have age and/or height restrictions.  Children using zip wires must be accompanied by an adult within our play areas.

95.     Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are subject to seasonal opening times and pool rules, which must be adhered to by all Guests. Time slots may need to be pre-booked and are subject to availability. Please check with Guest Services upon arrival at the Park for details of opening times during your stay and applicable pool rules. The supervision of children on the Park is the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times, including in swimming pool and changing areas. For swimming, children aged 0-3 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person in the same body of water on a one to one basis. A maximum of two children aged 4-7 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person in the same body of water. Children over 8 years of age who are competent swimmers (can swim unaided 25m or more) can use the pool independently provided there is a lifeguard present. For Parks where the pool is not lifeguarded one responsible person must supervise a maximum of three children aged 8-15 years old in the same body of water. Unless stated otherwise, guests under the age of 16 are not permitted in the sauna and steam rooms.

96.    Our swimming pool policy is displayed at pools on our Parks and by entering the pool area you agree to abide by such policy and the decisions and instructions of the pool lifeguard in all matters of pool safety.  There is a maximum number of guests permitted in the swimming pool at any one time.  We operate a wrist band system to limit the time guests can use the pool in order to give a fair opportunity to all users.  During busy times, we will require you to exit the swimming pool once your session is complete.

97.    For Parks with a health club, – under 16s are not allowed in the gym/studio.  On check in, each adult will receive a leisure pass for access to the health club.  Fitness classes will incur a charge and 24 hours’ notice is required of cancellation.  Leisure club rules must be adhered to, and are available at Guest Services. 

98.    For Parks with leisure facilities, we suggest that you pre book any spa treatments, water sports, activities or entertainment sessions prior to arrival in order to avoid disappointment.

99.    Items such as irons and hairdryers may be available for hire, subject to availability. Hire charges may apply. Unless otherwise stated, any towels provided by us are provided for use in your Accommodation only, towels for use in the swimming pool should be guests’ own.

Hot Tubs

100.    Several of our Parks have accommodation featuring hot tubs. The following requirements must  be adhered to when using a hot tub:
(a)    Guests must not tamper with any of the electricals on the hot tub;
(b)    Whilst we will endeavour to do so, we are not able to guarantee that the hot tub will be heated to temperature on the day of arrival as it will have been drained and refilled in between lettings;
(c)    Hot tubs are not to be used outside the time periods stipulated by the Park at which you are staying, and in any event must not be used after 11pm;
(d)    Please show consideration for other guests when using your hot tub, the hot tub must not be used in a way which causes disturbance to other guests on the Park;
(e)    Age restrictions apply to the use of hot tubs (as stipulated by the relevant Park) and any minors over the permitted minimum age must be accompanied by an adult;
(f)    You should consult your doctor before use if you are receiving medical attention or have a long-term illness;
(g)    Avoid using the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol, have eaten a large meal, are pregnant, or are on medication.  Only use the hot tub after seeking medical advice if you have a condition that may be affected by heat (for example, a heart condition or high or low blood pressure);
(h)    No food, glass, liquids, pets, bubble bath or oils are allowed in the hot tub as these may result in the hot tub having to be drained;
(i)    You should get out of the hot tub if you start to feel unwell, uncomfortable, giddy or faint;
(j)    Please ensure that you follow all instructions provided by the Park in relation to safe use of the hot tub (for example, maximum usage times and rest periods between use);
(k)    Please take care when getting in or out of the hot tub as the surrounding decking may be slippery when wet.

101.    If you fail to adhere to the above requirements, we reserve the right to withdraw access to the hot tub and/or charge you for any costs we incur as a result of the breach (for example, we may charge you if we are required to drain and refill the hot tub during your stay, or if we are required to repair any damage caused by misuse).


102.    Fishing is available at some of our Parks.  You are required to have the necessary       fishing permits to comply with local byelaws. 
103.    Fishing is dawn until dusk only (no night fishing), with 1 person per peg and a maximum      of 2 rods per peg.  All fish must be returned and keepnets are not permitted.  Only barbless hooks may be used and all baits must be used in moderation (nuts and pulses are banned).  This applies to anyone fishing on the Park, including via accommodation booked with Away Resorts that has a private fishing peg.

Licensing Laws

104.    In accordance with licensing laws, we can only sell alcohol to persons aged 18 or over.  We may require you to show proof of age using an approved form of identification such as a full passport, a new style driver’s licence incorporating a photograph, or a valid Proof of Age card.

Gambling Restrictions

105.    If any member of the Booking has self-excluded themselves from any other gambling premises, they must highlight this to Park management on arrival.  Subject to paragraph 76, we cannot accept any liability for losses incurred where a guest has self-excluded themselves from another gambling establishment and gambled on the Park.


106.    The supervision of children on the Park is the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.  Particular attention must be paid to children in the playground and swimming pool areas (including changing rooms). Any club activities that form part of our entertainment programme are not childcare facilities.  We do not provide supervision of the children during these sessions.

107.    It is important that you always know where your children are and that you know what time activities will start and finish.  It is particularly important that you ensure that your children understand that they should always obey the instructions of the Entertainment team members, sports instructors and other staff so that the possibility of accidents can be reduced.

108.    There are open waterways such as lakes, rivers and beaches on some of our Parks and care must be taken to supervise children at all times around these waterways.

109.    Travel cots and highchairs for use in Accommodation may be hired (subject to availability and payment of the applicable hire charge, details of which are available at Guest Services). Travel cost and highchairs should be requested at the time of booking, and you should bring your own cot linen. Please note that in most accommodation the travel cots will fit in the living room only. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Vehicles and Parking/charging of Electric Vehicles

110.    Subject to paragraph 76 above, we cannot accept responsibility for vehicles or their contents when parked on our Parks.  Each lodge, holiday home, caravan or Pitch is allocated one nearby car parking space.  Guests may be asked to park second vehicles elsewhere in the Park at our discretion and provided that space is available.  During peak periods there may be charges for parking more than one vehicle at some of our Parks.

110A. Please note that the electricity supply to your Accommodation is not permitted to be used for the charging of any hybrid and/or electric vehicles at any of our Parks.  Electric vehicles may only be charged at the designated electric vehicle charging points which are available at some of our larger Parks, and such vehicles may not be charged anywhere else on Park.  Please contact Guest Services to enquire whether there are electric charging facilities at your chosen Park, and details of charging costs, if applicable.    



111.    Subject to the rules set out below, we allow well behaved dogs at all our Parks.  You must give us details (including breed(s)) when you book to obtain our agreement to bring a dog onto any of our Parks.  Failure to do so may result in us requesting you to leave (without refund), or to pay an additional dog supplement, and we also reserve the right to refuse entry.  If your dog is dog or person reactive, please don’t bring it to the Park. 

112.    Certain types of dog are not allowed on any of our Parks, in order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all our guests.  These include: XL Bully, Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa, and any other dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act or which are legally required to be muzzled.

113.    We will require the owner of any dog to remove it from the Park if it is not well behaved, causes a nuisance, or interferes with the comfort of other guests. Should we have concerns about the safety of others, or that your dog may not be under control, or if there has been an incident involving your dog, we may ask you and your guests to leave the park (without refund).

114.    Unless stated otherwise, we welcome up to a maximum of two well behaved pet dogs per Accommodation at our Parks.  There is no charge for assistance dogs.  For other dogs, a charge of £45 per short break (6 nights or below) or £60 per long break (7 nights or more) applies.  For touring guests, the cost is £2 per dog per night, up to a maximum of two well-behaved dogs per tourer or camping Pitch.  Dogs must not be allowed on bedding or seating.

115.    Whilst on our Parks all dogs must wear a collar and identity tag and be kept on a lead under the control of a responsible adult at all times.  Dog owners are responsible for clearing up after their dogs and disposing of dog fouling in the bins provided.

116.    Dogs must not be left in any accommodation unattended and they are not allowed inside any facility buildings, restaurants, food serving areas, play areas and swimming pool areas unless expressly stated.  This excludes Assistance dogs.  For an up to date list of our on park venues and other areas where non Assistance dogs are permitted, please contact us on 0330 053 7000.

Other Pets

117.    For all other pets: please call to make your Booking by telephone and let us know if you would like to bring any other pet animal.  It is wholly at our discretion whether your pet animal will be permitted to stay with you.  If permitted to stay by us, a charge will apply, which will be the same as the charge for dogs referred to in paragraph 114 above.  
118.    All pets must be kept on a lead or in a crate/cage, and must not be left unattended at any time.  Dangerous or wild animals will not be permitted.  Unless expressly stated otherwise, animals are not allowed in any venues on the Park.

118A.   Please note that we cannot guarantee that dogs or other pets won’t ever have occupied any of our Accommodation, including Accommodation which is designated as pet free.

Your Holiday Environment

119.     Local authority planning constraints, which help to preserve the rural nature of our Parks, may also limit the amount of street lighting we can provide in some areas of the Park.  Lighting is also intentionally reduced to help children to sleep at night, so please take care when walking around the Park, especially at night, and remember that you are in an unfamiliar environment.  It is always advisable to carry a pocket torch to help you avoid any accidents.

120.    We check smoke alarms regularly, and always between bookings, but please check yours on arrival and throughout your stay, and inform us if they are not working.  Never remove batteries or disable or interfere with smoke alarms.


121.    Visitors are permitted on the Park to visit your Accommodation.  However, we do not offer day passes for visitors.

122.    Visitors are required to comply with these Terms & Conditions, including any minimum age restrictions.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors are aware of all applicable requirements before they enter the Park.

 Cancelling the booking because you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions

123.    We may cancel your holiday if you are in serious breach of your obligations in these Terms and Conditions and the breach is not capable of being remedied or is such that it causes a breakdown in the relationship between you and us (for example violence or intentional damage to property, or if your behaviour – including on social media – is antisocial or in our reasonable opinion is likely to spoil the enjoyment of the Park for others, or you behave aggressively or abusively towards our staff, again including via social media).  In these circumstances we will serve upon you reasonable notice to cancel your Booking. In deciding what period of notice is reasonable, we shall have due regard to the nature of the breach and other relevant circumstances. In appropriate cases, this may mean requiring you to leave the Park immediately.

124.    If you are in breach of any of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions which is capable of being remedied (for example, a failure to comply with the behaviour standards in paragraphs 77-89 which has not caused a breakdown in the relationship between you and us) we may write giving you warning, specifying the breach and asking you to remedy the breach within a reasonable and specified time. If you do not comply with that warning and the breach is either serious and/or amounts to persistent breaches of obligation, which taken individually would be minor but which taken together cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and us, we are entitled to write to you to cancel your Booking. In appropriate cases, the warning we give you may be very short and we may then require you to leave the Park immediately. 

125.    Our rights to cancel under paragraphs 123 & 124 above will also apply if, prior to your stay with us, you breach any of our behaviour standards (for example when you are visiting the Park for any reason or when you are communicating with us or on social media).

126.    If we cancel your booking under paragraph 123 or 124 above, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Changing the Park Rules

127.    It may be necessary or desirable to change the Park Rules from time to time, including for reasons of health and safety, the efficient running of the Park, environmental issues, local authority requirements, and/or changes in law or regulations or in the interpretation of law and regulations imposed upon us.  If changes we make are significant changes which will affect your holiday, we will notify you in writing using your contact details at the address on the Booking Form. 

128.    Any changes made to the Park Rules after we accept your Booking may affect you because you will be required to comply with the changed Park Rules, but will not affect anything else to which you are entitled under these Terms & Conditions.


129.    We hold a key to all the accommodation we own on the Park. 

130.    If you are staying in our Accommodation, we may use the key for any purpose authorised by you, for example if you ask us to give access to an authorised visitor. We may require you to confirm your authority in writing.

131.    We may also use the key without your authorisation in an emergency, such as an immediate concern for the health and safety of any person, to carry out urgent repairs or preventative work, or to check and secure the Accommodation if it appears to be insecure.

132.    We will take reasonable care when accessing any Accommodation. 


133.      From time to time, we employ a photographer or videographer to film events and activities at our Parks.  Reasonable notice will be given prior to filming.  You may appear in the background to these shots or even be featured or interviewed.  We hope you enjoy being photographed, and in most cases we are happy to share a copy of the image with you.  If you do not wish to be captured in the photos or video, please speak with the film crew.  We reserve the right to use any images or video taken on the Parks for marketing or promotional purposes, including via social media.  Additionally, if you post any images taken on our Parks on the Away Resorts social media channels (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media channel), then we reserve the right to use these for promotional purposes.  

134.    Please note that the use of filming and photography is not permitted in any part of our swimming pool areas.

Virgin Incentive Leisure Voucher Gift Card Customers only

135.    Once you have made a Booking using your Leisure Voucher Gift Card, you are bound by these Terms & Conditions, as well as any terms and conditions of your gift card.  There will be no refund issued to the Leisure Voucher Gift Card in the case of cancellation of the Booking.  You may: 
(a)    change your Booking to a new date; or
(b)    receive an Away Resorts credit voucher for the value of the gift card issued to be used on a future accommodation booking.

Other Terms

136.    We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms & Conditions to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms & Conditions.

137.    You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms & Conditions to another person if we agree in writing.

138.    This agreement is between you and us.  No other person has the right to enforce any of its terms.

139.    Each of the paragraphs of these Terms & Conditions operates separately.  If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in effect.

140.    If we fail to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these Terms & Conditions, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that will not mean we have waived our rights against you and will not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations.  If we do waive a breach of these Terms & Conditions by you, we will only do so in writing, and that will not mean that we will automatically waive any later breach by you.

141.    These Terms & Conditions are governed by English law.  You and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Changes to our Terms & Conditions

142.    We may need to update our Terms & Conditions and Park Rules from time to time.  You will be able to find the latest version online at http://www.awayresorts.co.uk/terms-conditions. 

How to contact us

143.    We agree that any letters or other communications between us (including notice of cancellation) shall be sent using the details for us in these Terms and Conditions and for you on the Booking Form. Email may be used.  We will correspond in all matters relating to your Booking or party with you only.  You act as representative for all members of your party.

144.    Our contact details are:

Away Resorts Limited
Maylands Building
200 Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead 

Telephone: 0330 053 7000

Email: guestsolutions@awayresorts.co.uk

Website: www.awayresorts.co.uk 

Last updated: January 2024

Terms & Conditions for the supply of Goods and Services to Away Resorts Limited

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