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                A young girl enjoying herself at our holiday park.

Easter Activities

We have a great selection of eggcellent activities available whist you’re holidaying with us this Easter! Available at Boston West, Cleethorpes Pearl, Golden Sands, Mill Rythe, Sandy Balls, St Ives Bay, Tattershall Lakes and Whitecliff Bay. Prices from £6.

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Two kids enjoying Easter activities at one of our holiday parks. They are both sitting down playing with colourful Easter eggs on the floor.

Easter Pottery Painting - With lots of different pottery to choose from pick your favourite piece and start painting to create a unique souvenir to take home and remember your Easter memories for the rest of the year! Suitable for ages 2+ years.

Bunny Plant Pots - Those pesky bunny rabbits have been nibbling all the plants again! Come along and join us, we will plant a seed in your very own plant pot and create a fluffy bunny to hide away inside! Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Marble Easter Eggs - One of our most popular activities just got ‘Easter-fied!’ Using our shaving foam marbling techniques, create lots of beautiful eggs and then use these to create a masterpiece you’ll proudly hang up on the wall at home! Suitable for ages 5+ years.

Easter Baskets - Our Easter baskets are the perfect thing to hide all your mini chocolate eggs you’ll be collecting this Easter! Decorate your baskets with our crafty materials and wood writing pens and you may even get a few treats to start you off! Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Easter Bonnet Making - With a variety of collage materials, crafty stickers and ribbon galore, make your very own bonnet before bringing it to our Easter Bonnet Parade in PLAY: Live TV where the most unique bonnet will be awarded a prize! Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Chocolate Nests & Bunny Biscuits - This kitchen activity invites you to make your very own Easter treats with our chocolate nest making! You’ll be very tempted to eat them all even before showing them off to your family... be careful boys and girls, your grown-up’s may get there first! Suitable for ages 3+ years.

Grassheads - Come along and create your own grasshead! Plant your grass seeds and create their very own look with googley eyes and felt for clothes before giving them a name and a birth certificate. Keep them watered and watch out for their hair growing! Suitable for ages 5+ years.

Birdboxes - Assemble and decorate a beautiful bird box for your garden back home. A shelter for the beautiful birds meaning they will always be protected in your garden. Why not add some bird food to attract even more! Suitable for ages 3+ years

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