Hot Tubs FAQs

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about Hot Tubs. If you feel that none of the below answer your questions please use the search bar or alternatively you can contact us and we will get back to you soon as possible.

Please be aware that the hot tub water might not be optimum temperature on the first day of your stay as we change the water after every guest has vacated the holiday home on their departure.

Hot Tub Do’s

  1. Shower before and after use – this will remove oils, creams, lotions, make up, tans etc, which will seriously affect the water quality if not removed. Failing to do so may cause discoloring to swimming costumes. 
  2. Use the toilet before entering – not leaving the hot tub to use the toilet will seriously affect water quality.
  3. Respect your neighbours - no loud music, shouting or screaming outside. Due to the noise of the bubbles, you may not realise how loud you are. A 10pm curfew must be adhered to. 
  4. Only children over the age of 14. Supervise children in the area at ALL times.
  5. Limit your dips to a maximum of 15 minutes at a time – extended use can cause dizziness.
  6. Consult your GP before using if you are pregnant, suffering from any form of heart disease, circulation problems or any serious illness. If you feel unwell or experience breathing difficulties, discontinue use of the hot tub and seek medical advice.
  7. Take care when entering or exiting and use the mat provided – decking can become slippery when wet.
  8. Replace the lid after use – this will keep the heat in and be ready for you when you fancy another dip.
  9. Contact the park staff if you have any concerns or problems.
  10. Most of all have fun and be sure to share your holiday snaps on our social media pages! #EscapeWithAway

Hot Tub Don’ts

  1. Don’t add anything – bubble bath, shampoo, gels, soaps, oils, salts etc, can seriously affect the water quality and filter system and will result in a cleaning charge of up to £100.
  2. Don’t rest any glasses on or near the hot tub – broken glass is almost invisible under water. Any broken glass found in the vicinity will result in the hot tub being drained to check for glass. Use plastic glasses instead.
  3. Do not use whilst under the influence of alcohol, medication or substances. 
  4. Please do not adjust the water temperature. Our hot tub engineers set the correct temperature to keep your hot tub working correctly. 
  5. Don’t use any electrical equipment in the vicinity of the hot tub.
  6. Don’t use in a thunderstorm
  7. Don’t sit, stand or lie on the lid – they are not very strong. A replacement will be charged to you.
  8. Don’t immerse your head or swallow the water – this can increase the risk of infection. Don’t allow children under 14 years or those unable to keep their head above the water level when sitting, in the tub.
  9. Don’t exceed the maximum number of people than it is designed for.
  10. No animals are allowed in the hot tub.

Please take note of these rules, should any of them not be adhered to, it could result in your hot tub being taken out of action! 

Should you have any issues or concerns with your hot tub or if it is contaminated, please contact Guest Services. 

Please note our hot tub assistants will check the chemical levels twice a day for your safety. 

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