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Please see the below the answers to some of your questions regarding guest passes.

During the various lockdowns, we have taken the opportunity to review some of our processes and, like many organisations, using technology more effectively within our business. Taking as much of the paper form completion and queuing at Guest Services away from the business will ensure that 1. we remain as covid secure as possible, and 2.  we improve the process for our services – freeing up time with our staff, time that can be used to help with other holiday homeowner and guest queries.

As the park has grown, we are also keen to ensure that we provide a secure environment for our holiday homeowners and our holiday guests. As you will be aware, all holiday homeowners are personally responsible for the conduct of their guests. Whilst the wording has changed over the years, the current Pitch License Agreement states:

  1. Behaviour Standards By entering into this Licence Agreement, you agree for yourself and all people who use or visit the Holiday Home (including in each case children in their party) to adopt the following standards of behaviour:

5.4 You accept that any breach of these behaviour standards may bring about the termination of this Licence Agreement. Termination by us is dealt with by clause 11. Any serious breach may result in termination of this Agreement under clause 11.1.

It therefore is concerning to learn that some holiday home owners wish to have no contact with the people who rent their holiday home. If you sublet or allow others to use your Holiday Home, you are responsible for their conduct whenever they are on park.

There were also several times last year, where owners did not pass on the right communication, particularly regarding COVID and availability of facilities – and the team on park had to deal with the fallout.

Therefore, to summarise, we have made these changes in the process to:

  • Ensure we are COVID compliant, and that Tattershall Lakes Country Park remains as safe and secure as possible.
  • Provide greater digital access to the services that holiday homeowners use, ensuring for effective team resource.
  • Enable holiday home Owners to comply with the Pitch License Agreement and ensuring guests are kept informed by you.


They will need to contact you to arrange the purchase of passes.

We would deal with these as we have in the past, and in the unlikely event that a refund is due, the guest would come to guest services and we would deal with the complaint, processing the refund directly to the guest if appropriate.

As previously communicated, they will not be. Whilst minimum restriction levels are in place, we still have a full team in place, supporting guests, we have additional safety processes in place that need to be accounted for. Please remember it is your responsibility to communicate this to your guests. The current prices for guest passes are below:

ParkBarmouth BayMersea IslandSandy BallsTattershall LakesWhitecliff Bay
Peak2-6 nights£15£20£15£20£55£65£60£80£55£65
7 nights +£25£30£25£30£80£100£90£120£80£100
Off-peak2-6 nights£10£15£10£15£35£40£40£55£35£40
7 nights +£15£20£15£20£55£65£60£80£55£65

These prices are for the caravan party, not per person.

There are no issues with this. We will hold the data for the purchase of passes only. We will never use this data for marketing or pass to any third parties. All GDPR policies will be shared on links in the booking passes process.

Of course. These can be found below.

 Date fromDate to
May Bank Holiday30th April 20212nd May 2021
May Half Term28th May 20216th June 2021
Summer1st July 202129th August 2021
October Half Term15th October 202131st October 2021
Festive17th December 20211st January 2022
Event WeekendsView event dates

We do not believe you selling passes is classed as a packaged holiday. Again, if you wish to private let, the way you sell your holiday home is up to you and is your responsibility. We see many holiday homeowners advertise access to our facilities as part of their offering, and we are, by doing this, making it easier for your guests.

Full details behind the proposed sale of entertainment and facility passes will be released in the next few days.

Full details will be released shortly with a step-by-step guide.

We have listened to your feedback, and to help in the interim period, we will continue with the existing paper process, alongside the digital process until Wednesday 30th June 2021. We strongly advise you to make yourself familiar with the new process before this date. From Thursday 1st July, only the digital process will be in place.

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