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Let us show you how our Managed Letting Service enables many Owners to earn income to contribute towards their running costs. Can this holiday caper get any better?

Helping you earn from your holiday home

Many of our Holiday Home Owners let their holiday homes when they are not using them. It provides Holiday Home Owners with extra income that can help with the running costs. Obviously, the amount you can earn will depend on how often your home is available to let, but this is entirely at your discretion.

Whatever suits you can be accommodated. Our managed letting service is dead easy to use and only requires a couple of forms to get started. We’ll explain the income you can expect and how it works during your visit.

So how much could I earn?

Well we can’t give you a definite figure but we can promise that we can try to get the highest letting income possible.

As you know, everyone loves a bargain and the competition for holiday dollars is fierce so there are times when we have to run promotional discounts via advertising and direct mail campaigns. Rest assured that our discounting decisions are made with very careful consideration of your best interests.

After all, it is in yours and our interests that the park be a popular destination choice. When it comes to holiday letting, your success is our success. Something to keep in mind is that most people enjoy holidays over bank holiday weekends, during school holidays and throughout July and August.

If you can use your holiday home at other times and keep these peak periods free for letting, we increase our chances of your success.

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We'll take care of everything

The best part of the service is that we manage all bookings. Nothing for you to worry about. At the end of the year, we add up your bookings and subtract a commission and you receive the rest. All holiday homes must have up to date health and safety certificates which can be detailed by your park.

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