9 coastal walks near Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Boasting miles of sandy beaches, picturesque seaside towns, and diverse natural habitats, the Lincolnshire coast offers endless opportunities for scenic walks and outdoor exploration. This is especially the case with coastal walks near Cleethorpes. You won’t want to miss out on the beauty here!


Whether you're seeking a stroll, a challenging hike, or the chance to spot local wildlife, this stretch of England's east coast has something to delight every type of walker. You can walk along the Cleethorpes seafront or even try out a bit of the English Coast Path.

In this guide, we've compiled nine of the best coastal walks in the Cleethorpes region, showcasing the area's rich history, stunning landscapes, and unique natural wonders.

From gentle promenade rambles to rugged clifftop treks, these routes will transport you through charming villages, along windswept dunes, and some of Lincolnshire's most picturesque natural preserves.

So, lace up your boots, pack a picnic, and get ready to discover the captivating coastline that lies here during your next Lincolnshire holiday

Cleethorpes County Park walk image

Cleethorpes County Park walk

If you're looking for a peaceful outing, this circular coastal walk from St Ives is for you! The route follows the scenic South West Coast Path towards Zennor before turning inland at the Hellesveor Cliffs and returning to St Ives. If you want a longer route, why not add a loop around the island at the end of the walk to create a figure-of-eight and take the coastal scenery differently?

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  • Leave the country park car park by the southeast exit and head towards the lake. Take the right path at the first junction.

  • Follow the path to the bridge. Before the footbridge, turn left and follow the track alongside the beck. Turn left onto Grimsby Road.

  • At Martin Wragg Way, turn left back into the parkland and follow the path towards the lake. In the wooded area, continue straight ahead. At the circular paved area, turn right and head back to the car park.

  • This is just one of the many walks available here. At the park, you can check the display board by the car park for more options to suit you.

  • Length: 2 ¼ miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Cleethorpes Promenade/Seafront image

Cleethorpes Promenade/Seafront

Cleethorpes has a scenic and expansive beach – perfect for those family holiday days out! And it’s only a 5-minute drive or 45-minute walk from Cleethorpes Pearl Holiday Park – the perfect base for some of the best walks near Cleethorpes! You can sunbathe, take a dip, visit arcades, or try more active pursuits like stand-up paddleboarding or kitesurfing.

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  • Starting at the Discovery Centre by the Boating Lake, which has parking and bus services nearby. Walk along the beach and back through Humberston Fitties, past Pleasure Island, and Meridian Lakeside.

  • Along Marine Walk, you'll reach the Greenwich Meridian line – you can even stand with one foot in each hemisphere!

  • After the walk, you can stop at the Discovery Centre to refuel, or hire a boat to row on the lake.

  • Length: 7 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe image

Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe

This is a long route, therefore you might want to plan for stops. However, you will catch such stunning views of the Lincolnshire countryside that even if you only tackle part of it, you’ll still be able to see just how amazing it is!

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  • From Cleethorpes Pier, walk south along the promenade, through the park. Take the road down, then look for a footpath on the right.

  • Or, keep to the seafront path, though public access may be uncertain. This leads past to the defence bank.

  • Follow the footpath through, then along the defence bank to the Louth Canal. Cross the bridge and continue along the bank.

  • At Donna Nook, take the road inland. This leads through North Somercotes and Saltfleet. From Saltfleet, followthe footpath through the dunes to Mablethorpe. Return via the road or beach.

  • Length: 23.2 miles

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Saltfleet image


The Saltfleet area features a scenic coastal grazing marsh landscape, with an opportunity to visit the isolated St Botolph's church – this is just one of the great coastal walks near Cleethorpes you can take. Lincolnshire's coastal grazing marshes, nestled between the coast and the Wolds, are a nationally protected habitat that supports a diverse array of wildlife.

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  • Faced away from the New Inn (LN11 7RZ), turn right and follow Main Road. At the crossroads, turn left onto Pump Lane, passing the Crown Inn.

  • At the end of the houses, turn right onto a public footpath and cross the bridge. Walk straight across the playing field to another bridge. Continue straight ahead along the field edge to a road.

  • Turn right and walk along the road into Skidbrooke. Where the road bends left, leave it and join the public footpath, cutting diagonally right across the field. Follow the path beside the ditch to the field corner.

  • Turn right following the path along the field edges towards the church. On the road, either continue the walk or visit St Botolph's Church.

  • To continue the walk, turn right and follow the road for about 0.5 miles. Turn right onto a track beside a drain and follow it to a road. Turn left, cross the drain, turn left, and then right to follow the public footpath across the playing field to a road. Turn left and follow the road back to the starting point.

  • Length: 2.5 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Cleethorpes to Tetney Lock image

Cleethorpes to Tetney Lock

Taking you from the Cleethorpes outskirts to Tetney Lock, which is a 10-minute drive from Cleethorpes Pearl holiday park, on the Louth Canal, you'll pass through the Tetney Marshes Nature Reserve, a coastal habitat managed by the RSPB that is home to a variety of wildlife such as little terns, and reed buntings.

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  • Start from the public car park at Humberston Fitties, just south of the Pleasure Island amusements. Follow a footpath heading southeast along the coast towards Tetney Haven, where you'll pick up the Louth Canal and follow it westward to Tetney Lock.

  • After taking in the lock, follow inland footpaths back north to the starting car park, completing the circular route.

  • Length: 6 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Humberston Bank image

Humberston Bank

This is one of the top coastal walks near Cleethorpes, as it’s suitable for a wide range of people – whether you want a gentle stroll with the family, a dog walk, or a hike. It’s time to witness the many industries along the Humber Bank, and the local area where all the wildlife live.

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  • From Genesis Way, follow the grassy path alongside the Innovation Centre. Turn left, following the waymarker along the drain.

  • Turn right, cross the footbridge and gate, then carefully cross the pipeline and railway before another gate. Carefully cross the road and continue to a footbridge.

  • Cross the footbridge and go straight across the arable field. Turn right, following the waymarker along the drain side. Turn left over the drain, then immediately right along the stone track.

  • At the 3-way signpost, turn left along the tarmac road towards the seawall. Enjoy the views across the River Humber, then return along the tarmac road. Continue straight along the tarmac road, ignoring the path on the right to Woad Lane.

  • Turn right and continue along Laforey Road to the footbridge. Cross the footbridge and continue along Genesis Way to the start.

  • Length: 2.5 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Anderby Creek To Marsh Yard image

Anderby Creek To Marsh Yard

One of the best ways to discover this amazing area is by foot. By taking you along the coast, discover wildlife-rich nature reserves, the Round & Round House, and the Cloud Bar by walking along the beach and behind the dunes.

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  • With your back to the beach café, walk along the track alongside the Sea Road, Anderby Creek car park past the bungalows. Continue through the sycamore trees.

  • After the trees, bear right to the track along the bottom of the dunes, known as Moggs Eye. Follow it into Marsh Yard car park and picnic site, to the toilets.

  • For the shorter walk, turn right just after the toilets and walk along the beach for approximately one mile.

  • For the longer walk, continue through the car park. Bear left to follow the England Coast Path behind the dunes and along the edge of a field. Cross the bridge and continue, with Huttoft Marsh Nature Reserve on your left.

  • At the road and Boatshed café, turn right onto Huttoft Car Terrace. Walk onto the beach and back to Anderby Creek.

  • Turn right just before the row of houses on Anderby Creek, past the Cloud Bar, to return to the starting point.

  • Length: 5.5 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Burgh Le Marsh long walk image

Burgh Le Marsh long walk

A popular walking location, you'll notice signs of the area's traditional farming practices. The landscape features a mix of small and large agricultural fields, as well as grazing marshes used to fatten cattle. The land surrounding Burgh le Marsh would have been reclaimed by people over time for these pastoral purposes, so come along for this coastal walk to discover some history!

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  • Leave the Market Place, turn left, and cross the High Street in front of the Bell Inn. Walk up Church Street past the Museum and Library, then cross the churchyard diagonally.

  • Leave the churchyard, turn left, and use the public footpath on the left just before the path rises. Keep straight on this path until you reach a road.

  • Turn right, then left along Wildshed Lane. After 250m, turn left and walk beside the hedgerow to the end of the field. Cross the bridge, turn right, and follow the hedgerow.

  • Turn right, then immediately left to cross the field to the left of the house. Continue between the ponds to reach a road. Cross the road and follow the footpath opposite, bearing left to the corner of the field. Cross the next field carefully through the marshy area, to reach three footbridges.

  • Cross the bridges and walk straight on along the edge of the field to a green lane. Turn right, following the lane to a road. Turn left and after 100m, turn right onto a public footpath. Cross the field, bearing slightly right, to a footbridge and footpath sign.

  • Cross the bridge and walk straight onto the next field to a stile. Bear slightly right to cross the following field to a road. Turn right and after 100m, turn left onto a public footpath. Follow the path with the ditch and hedgerow on your right.

  • Follow the path through the first large hedge gap, bearing diagonally left to the hedge corner. Turn left and follow the path beside the ditch.

  • At the footpath sign, turn right and follow the hedgerow. Continue straight, bearing left towards the fence and old windmill. Go through the hedge and down the narrow path to a road.

  • Turn left, then right past Hanson's windmill. Follow the roadside path back to the Market Place.

  • Length: 3.75 miles

  • Difficulty: Easy

Lincolnshire Coast Path image

Lincolnshire Coast Path

Opening in 2019, the Lincolnshire Coast Path is part of the England Coast Path National Trail. This relaxing 20-mile walking route starts at the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve, teeming with wildlife, following scenic promenades and sandy beaches to the popular seaside resort of Mablethorpe.

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You'll discover other wonderful spots too, like the historic Victorian town of Skegness, which features a variety of architectural gems, important conservation initiatives, and seaside fun.

Perfect as one of the best coastal walks near Cleethorpes, the Lincolnshire Coast Path provides a delightful way to experience the natural beauty and rich heritage of this picturesque section of England's coastline.

  • Length: 20 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy-moderate

How about a map to guide your Cleethorpes coastal walks?

The only thing better than this list of coastal walks near Cleethorpes is that there’s a holiday park situated close to these top locations. 

And to make it even easier, we’ve included a map to help you plan your walks from where you may be staying in Lincolnshire…

Top tips for your coastal walks near Cleethorpes

Other than these walks and maps, there are also some top tips for your coastal walks near Cleethorpes…

  • Walking is amazing however, if you’re new to walking, then build up slowly, try short trips, and gradually build up to longer walks. 
  • To get the most from your walks, try out a brisk-paced walk, which will be different for each person, but a guide to this is walking fast enough to raise your heart rate and be slightly out of breath.
  • When beginning a walk, start slowly, getting warmed up before you gradually increase your pace. As you’re nearing the end of your walk gradually slow your pace to cool down.
  • Ensure you have appropriate footwear for your walk.
  • Check the weather before leaving for your walk, and dress accordingly.
  • Check that the walk is suitable for you and your party. You may have children or older people in tow. 
  • Let a loved one know where you are planning to walk especially if you are off out exploring by yourself
  • Remember your mobile phone and that it’s charged.

 Remember to follow the Countryside Code

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying their walks.
  • Leave gates and property as you find them, don’t litter, and stay on the line of the paths.
  • Keep dogs under control.
  • Plan and be prepared.
  • Follow the advice and local signs.

Following this code and staying courteous along the way will ensure you experience some of the coastal walks near Cleethorpes. So, all that’s left to do is book your next holiday!

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