10 of the best beaches in North Wales you need to visit

North Wales is renowned for its stunning coastline, which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the UK. From golden sand stretches to secluded coves, you'll find some of the best beaches in North Wales that cater to every beach lover's preference.


Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape or an adventure-filled day by the sea, these North Wales beaches will surely leave you spellbound.

You could take a trip down to Barmouth Beach for a family-fun day out or enjoy the quieter surroundings of West Shore Beach, for example.

You have endless options for your getaway, and with some of the UK's best beaches in North Wales, you're bound to have an unforgettable trip. So, let's delve into the 10 best beaches in North Wales for you to visit on your trip.

Barmouth Beach, Barmouth image

Barmouth Beach, Barmouth

Nestled in the picturesque town of Barmouth, this is a true gem of North Wales. You can spend your day enjoying water sports, building sandcastles, or simply admiring the scenic surroundings. The vast, sandy expanse is backed by a charming promenade lined with colourful beach huts, shops, and cafes. At low tide, you can also explore the rock pools teeming with marine life.

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Traeth Llanddwyn, Isle of Anglesey image

Traeth Llanddwyn, Isle of Anglesey

Access to this secluded beach is via a scenic coastal path, which leads through stunning dune systems and past the historic ruins of Llanddwyn Abbey. Bask in the serene atmosphere of the beach, with its golden sands, rugged cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. As you soak up the natural beauty, explore the nearby rock pools and the historic Twr Mawr Lighthouse.

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Conwy Morfa Beach, Conwy image

Conwy Morfa Beach, Conwy

Nestled between the historic Conwy Castle and the Great Orme headland, this vast stretch of sand offers ample space for whatever beach activities you like. You could enjoy sandcastle building, kite flying, or beach sports with the family. Explore the nearby Conwy Mussel Centre, where you can learn about mussel cultivation and even gather these delectable shellfish yourself.

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North Shore Beach, Llandudno image

North Shore Beach, Llandudno

Llandudno, known as the "Queen of Welsh Resorts", is home to the iconic North Shore Beach, which you should undoubtedly visit on your trip. The long, sandy stretch is perfect for relaxing, sunbathing, and enjoying the calming sea breeze. The Victorian-era promenade, lined with charming shops and restaurants, also offers a delightful ambience.

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West Shore Beach, Llandudno image

West Shore Beach, Llandudno

Just a stone's throw away from North Shore Beach lies another one of the nicest beaches in North Wales – West Shore Beach. This beach is a quieter and more secluded alternative in Llandudno. Visit this beach at the right time, and you'll find out exactly why it's renowned for its incredible sunsets, said to paint the sky in vibrant orange, pink, and purple hues.

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Prestatyn Central Beach, Prestatyn image

Prestatyn Central Beach, Prestatyn

Another one of the best beaches in North Wales to visit is Prestatyn Central Beach. Thanks to its well-maintained facilities and family-friendly atmosphere, this beach is a prime spot for holidaygoers. This beach boasts a long stretch of pristine sand, perfect for building sandcastles and beach games. This popular destination for beach lovers is also among the 2024 Blue Flag beaches.

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Moraf Bychan – Black Rock Sands image

Moraf Bychan – Black Rock Sands

Nestled along the Llyn Peninsula, Morfa Bychan (aka, Black Rock Sands) is a true natural wonder. This stunning beach stretches for nearly two miles. The iconic Black Rock formations that jut out into the sea are a sight to behold, giving the beach its famous name. At low tide, discover a world of fascinating marine life, and when the waves are high, enjoy this prime spot for water sports.

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Harlech Beach, Harlech image

Harlech Beach, Harlech

Backed by the great Harlech Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, families can find the perfect blend of beach fun and historical intrigue at this beach. The long, sandy stretch is perfect for strolls to take in the scenery or even invigorating runs along the coast. The nearby dunes provide excellent opportunities for adventure. Also this beach is open to dogs all year round.

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Talacre Beach, Flintshire image

Talacre Beach, Flintshire

Take a trip down to Talacre Beach, to experience another hidden gem. This vast stretch of golden sand is backed by rolling dunes, creating a serene and picturesque setting that will help you relieve your worries and stresses of everyday life. Also, the nearby Talacre Lighthouse adds a touch of charm and culture and is certainly a great backdrop for your memorable family photos.

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Llandulas Beach, Llandulas image

Llandulas Beach, Llandulas

This delightful seaside destination, nestled in the charming village of Llandulas, offers a peaceful escape from the crowds. The beach is backed by a picturesque promenade where you'll find a mix of beach huts and cafés, creating a quaint and inviting atmosphere. Explore the nearby rock pools or bask in the sun while taking in the stunning views of the Irish Sea.

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North Wales beaches FAQs

Are you ready to experience the best beaches in North Wales? To help you build up even more excitement, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding North Wales's best beaches.

What is the nice beach town in North Wales?

The nicest beach town in North Wales is widely considered to be Llandudno – known as the "Queen of Welsh Resorts". This Victorian seaside resort boasts two beautiful beaches, North Shore Beach and West Shore Beach, a charming promenade, many historical attractions, and a vibrant town centre.

What is the prettiest beach in Wales?

While beauty is subjective, the prettiest beach in Wales is considered by many to be Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire. This stunning stretch of golden sand, backed by towering cliffs, offers breathtaking scenery and a unique coastal landscape. However, many other beautiful beaches exist in South and North Wales.

Are there sandy beaches in North Wales?

There are plenty of sandy beaches in North Wales! The best ones include Barmouth Beach, Llanddwyn Beach, Conwy Morfa Beach, North Shore Beach, and Black Rock Sands. North Wales has numerous sandy beaches, ranging from vast expanses to secluded coves.

What is the most beautiful seaside town in Wales?

Conwy is often regarded as the most beautiful seaside town in Wales. This picturesque town boasts some of the best things to experience in North Wales and scenic surroundings. This includes the beautiful Conwy Morfa Beach and the famous stone structure, Conwy Castle.

Which of the best beaches in North Wales will you be visiting?

North Wales offers an incredible array of breathtaking beaches, each with its unique charm and allure. Whether you're seeking a fun destination for your family getaway or a secluded cove for your couple's retreat, you'll find a wide range of the best beaches in North Wales.

With so much to offer every beach lover—from watersports and beach games to coastal walks and sunbathing—you'll certainly have an unforgettable time. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and get ready to experience the natural beauty and coastal splendour that make North Wales a truly remarkable seaside destination. Why not book today?

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