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Fishing lakes

Fishing holidays in Lincolnshire

Hook, line and sinker

At Tattershall Lakes holiday park, situated in the heart of Lincolnshire, we have well stocked fishing lakes that can cater for any level of angler, and with plenty of friendly anglers on hand to offer advice you can be sure of an excellent experience.

We have three different lakes for you to cast your line with many different species of fish including carp, tench, bream, pikes and more. We have pegs situated around our lakes and some of our accommodation even include their own private fishing peg!

We respectfully ask that all anglers or guests wishing to fish the lakes purchase fishing permits prior to fishing. These can be obtained from the Guest Services building located next to the main Merlin Entertainment Complex or at Leisure Reception within the Merlin Entertainment Complex. If you are planning to fish early, we kindly request tickets are purchased the day before.

All anglers are required to possess a UK rod licence as the park is often inspected by enforcement officers. If you are new to fishing, more details can be found on the UK Government website.

For more information about fishing at Tattershall Lakes please contact us and speak to our local fishing guru, Duane Sweet.

Fishing Prices

We respectfully ask that all anglers or guests wishing to fish the lakes purchase fishing permits prior to fishing from Guest Services.

Day Ticket, 1 Rod – £6
Day Ticket, 2 Rods – £8
7 Day Ticket, 1 Rods – £30
7 Day Ticket, 2 Rods – £35


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Tattershall Lakes Fishing, Lincolnshire

Merlin Point*

Merlin Point has two smaller lakes ideal for less serious anglers looking for fun. It has a lake depth of 2-4 feet with 12 pegs and the majority of fish have never been caught or fished before. Species of fish include carp up to 10lb, tench and bream (up to 1lb) and crucian carp (up to 1lb).

Fishing Lake

This is our largest lake with a lake depth of 5-7 feet and stretches over 15 acres. It includes 30 pegs with a bigger and longer casting area for overhand cast and there are some pegs that have a shorter range for stealth fishing and underarm casting. Species of fish include carp up to 32lb, tench and bream (up to 8lbs) pike (up to 25lbs) and roach (up to 2lbs).

Mick Cutts Guest Fishing at Tattershall Lakes, Lincolnshire

Rudd Lake

Rudd Lake is a dedicated fishing lake with a depth of 4-7 feet and spread over 2 acres. There are 7 wooden pegs with stage stands or pods for carp fishing. Species of fish include carp up to 28lb, tench and bream (up to 8lbs) pike (up to 25lbs) and roach (up to 2lbs).

Osprey Lake

You can choose to stay in one of our Indulgent Lakeside Lodges in the Fairways or Lancaster Crescent areas of our park and make use of your own private peg, which allows you to fish just outside your accommodation.

Tom's Tackle Shop

Tom’s Tackle is our on-site tackle shop and sells everything from top fresh bait, provisions and also has a wealth of knowledge of the lakes and a passion for all things fishing. He’s been fishing the lakes for many years now and will be happy to share his knowledge to any new anglers visiting the park for the first time.

Fishing at Tattershall Lakes

Lake Developments

Over the last few years we have introduced over £12,000 of fish into our lakes. These fish have provided good quality leisure fishing, for both guests and owners. We believe in regular up-keep in our lakes and fish to make sure you have the best experience whether an experienced angler, or a first time fisherman!

It is lawful for all anglers to hold a UK rod licence. The authorities carry out random checks at the park in effort to enforce this. All anglers are expected to pay for their fishing, there are no collective agreements where anglers aren’t expected to pay. All the lakes will have a presence of weed. This is a natural occurrence, although does provide a more challenging session for anglers. However, those anglers with some knowledge will be able to change their fishing styles and bait to amend each lake and session. The weed helps provide cover for fish, oxygenate the water and provides a natural habitat for the fish and other species of wildlife that habit the lake.

Fishing is dawn till dusk only (no night fishing) with 1 person per peg and maximum of 2 rods per peg. All fish must be returned and keepnets are not permitted. Only barbless hooks may be used and all baits must be used in moderation (nuts and pulses are banned).

Tattershall Lakes is not a commercial fishery and we respectfully advise that it is called “fishing” and not “catching”. Many of our fish will be in excellent condition. Some may never have been caught before and we feel make a far better experience to catch a good condition quality fi sh, but perhaps in smaller quantities. However, there are many conditions that affect the fish and if they are feeding or not. This is out of the parks control and we cannot give refunds on day tickets purchased.

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