Famaland Festival at Tattershall Lakes

Famaland is a festival of fun for every member of the family! There are epic events and activities happening across the park, with live stage shows and live bands, it's the perfect time to bring the 'Family Together'.

The event takes place on 15th July to 01st Sept


Book Your Tickets

There’s so much to see and do throughout our Famaland Festival, but we recommend you book your tickets early for our stage shows.


The events are exclusive to staying guests on parks.


You do not need to book a ticket for Famaland entertainment, it is free for park guests!

Entertainment at Famaland

Bear in the Woods image

Bear in the Woods

Bear in the Woods invites families to enjoy stories, catchy songs, dances, enchanting puppets and live shows.

Bingo image


Experience the fun of Bingo and the thrill of winning cash prizes!

Colour Throw image

Colour Throw

Welcome to the most vibrant celebration of the year at Away Resorts – the famous Colour Throw!

Custard Pie Fight image

Custard Pie Fight

Get ready to dive into the biggest showdown of the year at the Away Resorts Custard Pie Fight!

Karaoke image


From pop classics to rock anthems, we have everything you need to showcase your talents.

Kids House Party image

Kids House Party

Bounce into a different 60 minute Kids House Party each night full of games, prizes and viral dance battles.

Bullseye Live image

Bullseye Live

Will you take what you've won, or will you gamble it all for "Bully's Special Prize!"

Let's Party Bingo image

Let's Party Bingo

A world where bingo meets bonkers, a wacky twist on traditional bingo that keeps the party levels high.

Dino Experience image

Dino Experience

Brace yourselves for a colossal encounter with one of our epic Dinosaurs!

Bubble Bop image

Bubble Bop

Bubble Bop, where little ones can jump and twirl amidst a sea of shimmering bubbles and music.

Quiz Whizz image

Quiz Whizz

Calling all trivia aficionados! Gather your family and friends for the ultimate test.

Dinky Disco image

Dinky Disco

Dust off those dancing shoes and relive the good old days for the ultimate sensory dance experience for tots.

Holiday House Party image

Holiday House Party

You are invited to the Holiday House Party our fast-paced interactive gameshow experience!

Crowdeoke image


Crowdeoke is not just your average sing-along – it's a massive celebration of hairbrush anthems.

Activities at Famaland

Mum and daughter creating their tie dye tops in one of our fun activities.

Tie-Dye Madness

Keep up with the latest fashion trends by learning the art of tie-dye.

A man enjoying the zip wire activity at Tattershall Lakes.

Zip Wire

Zip your way around Tattershall Lakes and get a breath-taking, birds-eye view of the park from above.

A pre-teen child is climbing on a wodden structure with a bright orange helmet, torso harness and a pully rope system. The child is looking up to judge his next move as he accends higher on the structure.

High Ropes Course

Strap in, muster your courage and navigate your way up our high ropes course.

Glitter Globes image

Glitter Globes

Add some sparkle to your day and shake things up in this glittery workshop.

A family taking part in the Mini Archery activity.

Mini Archery

Introduce your tots to an age old sport with a mixture of exciting games and challenges.

A young boy and one of our entertainment team members enjoying our slime workshop activity.

Slime Workshop

It's slime time! Get ready for a gooey and squishy adventure.

A young boy taking part in our Superhero activity.

Superhero Academy

Create your very own superhero as it's time to don your capes and unleash your superpowers.

Pirate PLAY image

Pirate PLAY

Ahoy, mateys! Get ready to create your own pirate identity then set off on an adventure to find the treasure.

Handprint Memories image

Handprint Memories

Perfect for the little artists, time to get messy!

Young girl pottery painting at one of our Away Resorts parks.

Pottery Painting

Get ready to unleash your inner Picasso and paint a unique souvenir from your holiday that you can take home.

Young child participating in the Fairy Academy activity.

Fairy Academy

Magic and enchantment await. Sprinkle some fairy dust, don your sparkliest wings.

Laser Tag image

Laser Tag

Up for a bit of friendly competition? Gear up and dive into a thrilling game of high-tech hide and seek.

Nerf Challenge image

Nerf Challenge

Ready, aim, fire! Grab your blasters and prepare for a battle of skill, speed, and strategy.

A group of people taking part in our awesome on-site activity, Gel Blasters. Book your space today!

Gel Masters

A brand new and exciting twist on a traditional blaster game. Run, dive or roll into a world of 'orbeez'.

A lady taking part in the target axe throwing activity.

Target Axe Throwing

Perfect your skill with a variety of techniques and games... if you dare.

Target Archery image

Target Archery

Step into the shoes of a legendary archer and test your precision and focus. Can you hit the bullseye?

Mini Crossbows image

Mini Crossbows

Strap in, muster your courage and navigate your way up our high ropes course.

Disc Golf image

Disc Golf

A unique twist on traditional golf, combining the challenge of aim with the excitement of a frisbee.

Food & drink image

Food & drink

We have plenty of food and drink for you to enjoy as part of your Famaland experience including:

  • Funky fries  
  • Pizza
  • Fish and chips
  • Plenty of drinks


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Our top food and drink picks

Custard Pie Fight scrapbook...

Custard Pie Fight scrapbook...

Colour Festival scrapbook...

Colour Festival scrapbook...

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