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A big hello from all our chefs, bar staff, waiters, waitresses, kitchen staff and front of house! We're on an exciting path at Away Resorts to make our food & drink the best in sector! From how we buy it, where we buy it from, to all those those tasty menus. Many of our bars and restaurants have received huge investment over the last few years so we need the gorgeous food to go with it! Find out more about our food and explore the journey we’re on…

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British and local ingredients

We like to keep things local. Working with our talented team of chefs we create seasonal specials menus, with locally sourced ingredients. All meat on our menus is sourced from with the UK.

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Red Tractor assured

Traceable, safe and farmed with care. We use several Red Tractor assured products across our menus. This means that ingredients have been responsibly sourced, safely produced and comes from animals that have been well cared for- so it’s good for you and the British farmers!

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Helping the planet along the way too!

Wherever we can, we have eliminated single use plastics from our bars and restaurants. All our takeaway packaging is environmentally friendly, and you won’t spot a plastic straw anywhere. We only use sauce sachets for takeaways and plastic cups and bottles have been replaced with cans, reusable glasses and paper cartons.

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Chef and Bartender of the Year

Every year we host the Chef and Bartender of the Year Awards, putting team through their paces to seek out the very best talent. Keep an eye out on our menus for dishes and cocktails created by past winners.

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Bartender of the Year

Our 2023 winners... Isobal Ings from Retallack Resort and Spa created a winning cocktail called the Rosamunde, a refreshing blend of Away Resorts’, Axlejack gin and Cointreau, topped with elderflower tonic and lemon juice, with a hint of sea salt and rosemary.

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Chef of the Year

Jeanel Drummy from Whitecliff Bay designed our new Crab Linguine. Fresh crab, a kick of chilli, tomato, zesty lemon and parsley. Served with a crispy garlic ciabatta. Truly delicious!

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