Your perfect Isle of Wight surfing holiday revealed

Surfing holidays are one of the most popular trips around the world, and one of the best locations to try out the sport is the Isle of Wight!


Surfing in the Isle of Wight

Some of the top locations to surf in the Isle of Wight include:

  • Compton Bay
  • Freshwater Bay
  • The Duver

It’s a great way to stay active while trying something more adventurous during your getaway. If you want to try a beach surfing holiday, some of our Away Resorts holiday parks across the Island have direct access to various beautiful beaches, where not only can you do some beach surfing, but you can also try out other activities!

Enjoy your Isle of Wight surfing adventure while staying just minutes away from the best spots at our holiday parks, creating the ultimate Isle of Wight family getaway – you won’t want to miss out on…

Top Isle of Wight surfing hotspots

It doesn’t matter whether you want to stay in a luxury caravan, try out glamping, or even traditional camping – plenty of accommodation options are situated by nearby beaches.

This way, you can access some of the best Isle of Wight surfing destinations right at your doorstep.

Although there are plenty of places and ways to stay to suit a beach surfing holiday, here are a few of the top choices:

The Bay Colwell image

The Bay Colwell

Just under a 10-minute drive from your chosen accommodation, staying at The Bay Colwell means your holiday home is just a stone’s throw from Freshwater Bay.

At this beach, you can try out a variety of water sports, including surfing – so why not try and see the different waves you can ride?

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Surfing at Freshwater Bay

Within a stunning location just east of The Needles, it’s a righthand exposed reef – remember to watch out for the rocks!

If you’re opting for a winter surfing holiday, the surf is quite reliable during this season, but during summer, it’s mostly flat.

  • Ideal winds: From the north-northwest and best around low tide, with a swell from the southwest.
  • Suitable for: Due to no beach break, this location is only suitable for experienced surfers.
Dawn breaking over the beach at Whitecliff Bay. One of our stunning locations in the Isle Of Wight

Whitecliff Bay

Another ideal destination for surfing in the Isle of Wight is Whitecliff Bay, as it’s sheltered from the prevailing wind by the towering white cliffs of Culver, and you can find a holiday park at Whitecliff Bay, so you’re close to the waves.

There are also pools for children to explore towards the southerly end of the bay, so you can all enjoy the best family getaway.

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Surfing at Whitecliff Bay

Whitecliff Bay is a reasonably exposed beach break, and the best time to surf here is during the winter with the most consistent, clear waves.

Waves at the beach break both left and right, however, it is best around low tide.

A lot of the time, the waves are considered too small by most surfers, so still alright for beginners.

  • Ideal winds: The best wind direction is from the west. It often gets local wind swells, but ground swells do happen.
  • Suitable for: During the majority of the time when waves are often too small, this makes them more suitable for beginners. But any other time, the waves are better for more advanced surfers.
St Helens Coastal Resort image

St Helens Coastal Resort

To top off our already great list of places for the Isle of Wight surfing holidays, is St Helens Coastal Resort, which is a popular destination for many holiday-goers.

Shanklin, also known as Hope Beach, is around a 10–20-minute drive and a great location to surf.

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Surfing at Shanklin

The conditions for surfing at Shanklin can vary, but the best time of the year to surf here is during the winter (especially December) with consistent, clean waves.

If you are in the Shanklin area, but without any equipment near you – fear not! Earth Wind & Water is an extreme watersports shop, where you can find surfing equipment for every ability.

Plus, there are plenty of other beach shops to browse in Sandown, Shanklin, or the shop in the Yaverland beach car park.

If you’re looking for lessons too, then a good choice is Eddie’s Surf Academy, which serves Shanklin, so you can become a surfing pro!

  • Ideal winds: From the west wind swells are much more typical than groundswells.
  • Suitable for: During the majority of the time when waves are often too small, this makes them more suitable for beginners. But any other time, the waves are better for more advanced surfers.

Isle of Wight surfboard hire and lessons for your wave adventures

Now that you have all the top locations for surfing in the Isle of Wight, it’s time to prepare yourself for the waves.

If you already have experience riding the waves then you may have your surfboard, but if not, there are plenty of places to hire a surfboard at Wight Water for your dream surfing holiday.

And if you’re a newbie to the surf scene, you can also book expert-led surfing lessons at iSurf from as little as £30, to start your surf journey off right and find your new favourite hobby!

Whatever type of surfer you are, an Isle of Wight surfing holiday is perfect for everyone, so why not book your next adrenaline-filled holiday now?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know if you can try out other water activities on the island or what months are best for surfing, here are some FAQs to help you make the most of your Isle of Wight surfing holiday.

Then, you’ll be set with everything you need to ride the waves with confidence…

Are there good surfing places on the Isle of Wight?

There are perfect surfing places on the Isle of Wight, especially when visiting the mentioned areas, like Shanklin.

Freshwater is another good destination with a sheltered bay and might be a more apt choice for more seasoned surfers.

However, there are other places with good surfing options that beginners can easily access, such as Compton Bay, one of the most popular destinations to surf and a short distance from your chosen Isle of Wight holiday park.

Both skilled and inexperienced surfers can enjoy this location, which is why it’s a great choice!

Can you surf in Shanklin?

Yes, you can surf in Shanklin. Shanklin favours northeast to southerly swells for surfers, so gets some decent waves to ride.

And if you’re a newbie, rest assured that you can receive expert-led lessons here to begin your surfing journey!

Can you bodyboard in the Isle of Wight?

Alongside surfing, yes, you can bodyboard on the Isle of Wight, and this is another trendy sport to do here!

If you’re taking children and want smaller waves, some of the best hotspots include Ventnor, Shanklin, and Yaverland. You can also acquire lessons at Kingswood.

However, if you’re more experienced and want more of a challenge, then Compton Bay or Sandown will be your best bets.

What months are best for surfing?

The best months for surfing in the Isle of Wight are the winter months, as these are where the biggest and most consistent surf is – best for more experienced surfers.

However, it’s also a great time to pick up surfing lessons, as there are fewer people around and the classes are less booked up.

For example, November to March offers the best conditions at one of the most popular surfing hotspots, including Compton Bay.

However, the summer and springtime can provide excellent surfing conditions, so be sure to arrange your visit to the best Isle of Wight surf spots using a surfing forecast.

Although, the summertime may have better waves for beginners, as there can often be flat spells making them more manageable for those with a basic understanding of the sport.

Then, you’ll be fully prepared to ride the waves whilst staying at one of our stunning holiday parks on the Isle of Wight!

Is the Isle of Wight good for surfing?

Yes, the Isle of Wight is good for surfing as there are many hotspots to test the waves!

No matter where your chosen holiday park is located on the Isle of Wight, you’ll be sure to be situated close to a beach where you can try out different surf skills.

Whatever your surfing experience, you can find the right waves for you. If you’re looking to learn or develop your surfing schools, look into surfing schools, including Eddie’s Surf Academy and iSurf – the Isle of Wight’s only mobile surf school! Plus, if you just want to sit back and watch, that’s fine too!

Why not come and visit the Island, known for its surfing treasures, and book your next Isle of Wight surfing holiday with Away Resorts now?

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