Exploring Isle of Wight walks for your next hiking trip

Looking for unforgettable Isle of Wight walks? You're in the right place. A holiday gem nestled in the English Channel, the Isle of Wight is a haven for nature enthusiasts and avid hikers.


With its diverse landscapes, captivating scenery, and an abundance of touring caravan sites, it's no wonder this Island has become a premier destination for those seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure.

But what makes hikes and walks in the Isle of Wight so special? Well, you're about to find out, as we explore a range of incredible Isle of Wight walks – from the Estuary Newtown walk and Isle of Wight Coastal Path, to the St Helens Duver Coastal walk and Tip of the Wight Walk. Let's delve into some of the best Isle of Wight walks you can find on your holiday and how you can make the most of your trip!

Walks in the Isle of Wight

Few places in the UK have scenery as breathtaking as the Isle of Wight.

An Isle of Wight walking holiday ensures you'll experience many awe-inspiring locations that make your holiday one to remember.

With plenty of dog-friendly holiday parks, your walks on the Isle of Wight just got even better! From beaches, forests, and even circular walks – there's plenty of choice when staying at Away Resorts. Here are a few examples of walks in the Isle of Wight you should consider exploring on your next hiking break:

Isle of Wight Coastal Path image

Isle of Wight Coastal Path

The Coastal Path is possibly the most popular of all the Isle of Wight walks – and it's the longest! This is one of the best Isle of Wight walks, spanning nearly 70 miles of gorgeous scenery and incredible landscapes.

The path is so long that most holiday-goers split the walk into six sections, giving you either one entire path to walk over a few days or six separate walks in the Isle of Wight to choose from. This can include Isle of Wight walks from Cowes to Yarmouth, Brighstone to Niton, Sandown to Ryde, and more.

Each section provides new sights to see, along with different climbs and dips in the trail, giving you one of the most unforgettable walks on the Isle of Wight. If you're looking for an unforgettable Isle of Wight walking holiday, the Coastal Path should be on your list.

Tennyson Down trail image

Tennyson Down trail

Another one of the iconic Isle of Wight walks to experience on your trip is the Tennyson Down trail. This is an excellent choice if you're looking for an Isle of Wight hike mixed with historical enrichment.

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Not only will you discover more of the Isle of Wight scenery, such as the famous Needles, but you'll also be able to see some of the deep history in the form of things like a 19th-century fort and Cold War rocket test site.

Along this Isle of Wight walk, you can also view a monument to the famous Victorian poet laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson – hence the name of this walk in the Isle of Wight.

As you can see, walking holidays in the Isle of Wight offer more than just some brisk strolling; they offer a world of culture to discover on your trails.

Estuary Newtown walk image

Estuary Newtown walk

We turn to the Estuary Newton walk for one of the more peaceful walks in the Isle of Wight. This beautiful trail will take you through the wide range of habitats found in the Island's one and only National Nature Reserve.

This is one of the Isle of Wight walks that help transport you to tranquillity as you blissfully stroll through the picturesque scenery and witness nature at its finest.

Here, you'll likely see flocks of birds circling the sky and colourful butterflies gliding through the meadows, bringing a new level of wonder to your Isle of Wight walks.

Isle of Wight circular walks

One of the highlights of enjoying the Isle of Wight walks on your holiday is the opportunity to embark on circular walks that showcase the Island's diversity.

Many holiday-goers appreciate walks on the Isle of Wight that display new scenery from beginning to end without having to walk back down a trail you've already explored.

To combat this, the Isle of Wight circular walks allow you to explore charming villages, meander through lush woodlands, and soak in the panoramic views of the coastline before ending up back where you began.

Some of the best long and short circular walks on the Isle of Wight include:

Back shot of family of four walking together, young girl on dad's shoulders and other young girl holding mother's hands.

Tip of the Wight Walk

Another Isle of Wight circular walk to try is the Tip of the Wight Walk. This walk circles the most southerly part of the Island, where you can witness the only surviving onshore lighthouse standing tall amidst the watery backdrop.

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One of the shorter walks in the Isle of Wight, the Tip of the Wight Walk is perfect for a quick stroll in the fresh scenery and crisp sea air.

You can start and finish this Isle of Wight walk at the car park near the end of Old Blackgang Road.

Compton Bay and Downs walk image

Compton Bay and Downs walk

The Compton Bay and Downs walk is another perfect choice for our list, guiding hikers across Compton Downs, Brook, and over the ridge of Afton.

This 7.5-mile walk will take you onto the beach at Shepherds Chine, a long stretch of geological wonder where you can spot some amazing dinosaur footcasts.

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Being one of the best places on the Isle of Wight to find dinosaur fossils, you'll be able to see footcasts over 120 million years old whilst you briskly stroll along the gorgeous beach. This is the trail that brings both geological intrigue and outdoor adventure!

To reach the start of this trail, you only have to drive for around 10 minutes from The Bay Colwell Holiday Park.

St Helens Duver Coastal walk image

St Helens Duver Coastal walk

It's undeniable that St Helens has so much to offer, including the scenic St Helens Duver that you can walk around on your trip.

This is one of the shorter Isle of Wight walks at 3.5 miles, and it lets you explore the enchanting wildlife that sits in this low-lying piece of land.

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You can experience the rocky seashore near Bembridge harbour and the golden spit of land inhabited by animals and nature.

You can start and finish this Isle of Wight walk at the National Trust car park.

Isle of Wight walks for the family

One of the best things to make your Isle of Wight hiking experience as good as possible is bringing the whole family – and by this, we mean your four-legged companion, too!

There are plenty of Isle of Wight walks where you can bring your dog along for the experience so they can take in all the mesmerising scenery and smells alongside you.

The open land you'll come across on your Isle of Wight walks will be perfect for your pooch to bound along and revel in the free space.

There may be some sections on your Isle of Wight walks where it's best to keep your dog on a lead to ensure they navigate specific terrain more quickly and don't disturb the surrounding wildlife too much. Because of this, it's important always to plan your dog walks in the Isle of Wight ahead of time.

Isle of Wight walks with your beloved four-legged friend – what more could you want on your holiday?

The best dog-friendly walks in the Isle of Wight

Some of the best walks in the Isle of Wight for you and your dog include:

The best locations to stay for coastal walks in Cornwall

At Away Resorts, we offer a range of holiday parks that grant access to the South West Coast Path. Why not take the family down to St Ives Bay? This wonderful resort is the perfect place to stay if you want to experience the secret treasures of the southwest. After a long day, head back to the resort and relax in your holiday home. Whether it’s a caravan, lodge, or camping in a tent, you’ll have everything you need to re-energise for the next day of Cornish walking trails.

Next up, we have Newquay Bay, our fantastic resort that is the perfect base for your Cornwall walking adventures. On top of access to the South West Coast Path, you can enjoy a wide variety of fun activities, from indoor pools and seasonal games to a hair and beauty salon and surfing school.

Isle of Wight walking holidays – The perfect stay for the perfect walk

One of the best ways to enjoy your Isle of Wight walks is to ensure you stay in your dream holiday home each day and night.

The Needles Headland image

The Needles Headland

If you want to explore The Needles Headland walk, you can stay at our incredible Bay Colwell holiday park. This walk takes you through various mesmerising sights, including Victorian coastal defence and a secret rocket testing sight. Not to mention the gorgeous coastal views all along the route.

The Bay Colwell Stays
A family of five strolling through one of our holiday parks. The man is carrying the young girl on his shoulders, and the other young boy and girl are walking. The family is pointing at something in the distance. the surrounding area is green.

Isle of Wight Coastal Path

Are you ready to tackle the great Isle of Wight Coastal path? That's great because you and the family can stay at our magnificent St Helens resort to rejuvenate you before and after your walk. For instance, what could be better than coming back from your walk and relaxing in your private hot tub?

St Helens Stays
Dawn breaking over the beach at Whitecliff Bay. One of our stunning locations in the Isle Of Wight

Bembridge Beach

The dog-friendly walk at Bembridge Beach awaits, so staying in luxury dog-friendly accommodation at Whitecliff Bay is only right. What can be more exciting than venturing out on some incredible Isle of Wight walks with your favourite pal by your side?

White Cliff Bay Stays
Family of four walking through trees together at Tattershall Lakes.

Tip of the Wight walk

If you're heading down to the south of the Island to experience the Tip of the Wight Walk, you can finish your adventure by resting your head in one of our many excellent holiday homes in The Lakes Rookley. It's the perfect mix – relaxing by the calm still waters of the lake and then heading down to see the crashing waves near St Catherine's lighthouse.

The Lakes Rookley Stays

Frequently Asked Questions about Isle of Wight walks

Do you have any burning questions about the Isle of Wight walks you could experience on your next break away? Here are our most frequently asked questions to help you delve deeper into the many walks in the Isle of Wight.

Is the Isle of Wight suitable for hiking?

Most definitely! The Isle of Wight walks and hikes offer diverse landscapes, making this location a paradise for hikers and strollers alike. Various routes cater to different preferences and abilities, from coastal trails to inland paths.

How long does it take to walk around the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight Coastal Path, a 67-mile circular route, typically takes four to seven days to complete. This depends on your pace when walking on the Isle of Wight.

Is the Isle of Wight Coastal Path hilly?

While some sections can be hilly, many parts of the Isle of Wight Coastal Path offer relatively flat terrain, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable Isle of Wight hiking experience.

Is the Isle of Wight good for walking?

Certainly! The Isle of Wight's well-maintained footpaths, diverse landscapes, and captivating scenery make it an excellent destination for enjoying Isle of Wight walks.

How long does walking the Isle of Wight Coastal Path take?

Completing the entire Coastal Path usually takes four to seven days, depending on your pace and how much time you wish to spend exploring the attractions along the Isle of Wight walking routes.

Is the Isle of Wight walkable?

Absolutely! Many Isle of Wight walks are designed to be accessible for hikers of various abilities, ensuring a delightful experience for all who choose to explore the island on foot.

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