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Part Exchange

Why not part exchange your Tent, Motorhome, Tourer or even your Holiday Home?

Do you own a tent, motorhome or a touring caravan and would like something a little bigger? You could exchange your holiday home on a different park and come to Away Resorts! Here’s how.

Part Exchanging with Away Resorts

Let us help you make it as easy as possible to join us with your own holiday home, a little retreat set up and ready to start enjoying holidays in, whenever you felt the need.

Did you know we can take your tent, motorhome or tourer as part of a deposit towards a new holiday home at Away Resorts?


Step 6

Have you got something to part exchange?

Did you know we can take your tent, motorhome, tourer as part of a deposit towards a new holiday home with Away Resorts. If you’re already a holiday home owner on another park and fancy a change, we can help with that too.

Holiday Home Exchange with Away Resorts

As a holiday home owner, you may love your home, but not the park. Away Resorts makes it possible for you to part exchange your home elsewhere for a new one at any of our parks.

Here’s how it works in these simple steps:

  1. Decide you fancy a change
  2. Visit one of our parks – fall in love
  3. Find the perfect holiday home and pitch
  4. Let us know the details of your holiday home / motorhome – if you have existing finance etc.
  5. We give you the cost to change
  6. You settle any little bits such as gas bill, electric etc with your current park (if a static), pack your bits and set up in your new holiday home with us
  7. We look after your old holiday home / motorhome with your current park, whilst you sit back enjoy your new holiday home and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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