Osbourne House

About 19 minutes from park

An image of Osbourne House in the Isle of Wight on a summers day.


York Avenue, East Cowes, PO32 6JX

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About Osbourne House

As Royal love nests go, nowhere on earth quite compares to Osborne House. It was Queen Victoria’s and HRH Prince Albert’s favourite holiday home and you can get a glimpse of the private life of these fascinating characters. Step inside the grounds and rooms of the estate for a fascinating insight into historical royal family life. You can even admire the incredible views across the Solent or embark on a peaceful woodland walk as you make your way to Queen Victoria’s Beach. As well as its historical beauty, Osbourne House is home to two exciting playgrounds perfect to explore after a day of learning about how the royals lived. There’s even a café’ and gift shop on site too.

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