Southern Upland Way

About 38 miles from park

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Southern Upland Way, Selkirk

About Southern Upland Way

A stunning route throughout the countryside, the Southern Upland Way is a coast-to-coast footpath in Scotland stretching over 344-kilometre. Whether you're an experienced walker or looking for a shorter route to enjoy with family, the Southern Upland Way provides sections ideal for all abilities.

Tackling the entire 214 miles of the route will provide you with spectacular scenery and a huge sense of achievement once complete. Please note, most people take around 12 - 16 days to complete the route in one go. The route can also be split into two or more trips to make it more managable.

How to get to Southern Upland Way

The Southern Upland Way is easily accessible via road, air, rail, and sea, with the route starting and finishing near to main roads. For more information and specific details, please visit the route's website.

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