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29 November 2023

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What A Dream Dog-Friendly Holiday Looks Like Through Your Pooch’s Eyes

The UK is a nation of dog lovers, with an estimated 11 million pooches currently living in our homes all across the country. 

It’s clear we Brits like to treat our beloved four-legged friends, with data showing that the average owner spends £240 on their dog each month! This includes everything from treats and food to professional grooming, pet insurance and veterinary care.

In fact, almost half of our four-legged family members sleep in bed with their owners, and one in four (28%) people refuse to go on holiday without their pup. It’s easy to understand why – with so many dog-friendly holiday locations all around the UK, you can experience the wonders of forest walks or sandy snouts all year round!

Because of this, at Away Resorts, we have visualised what a dog's dream staycation or holiday has the potential to look like. But that’s not all. We’ve gathered data from all around the country – helping you to find the best location to own a dog in the UK! Check out our UK holiday deals and book your pawfect staycation now!

The importance of dog-friendly staycations

Research shows that dogs cannot perceive the full-colour spectrum that humans do – you may have seen the viral TikTok filter showing how dogs primarily see yellow and blue colours.

In light of this, we introduce to you our concept of a holiday lodge of a lifetime, designed specifically for your furry friends. We’ve adapted our Burst of Blue accommodation to visualise just one example of a dream dog-friendly holiday, using colours that align with their vision capabilities.


A recent survey revealed that half of people only stay at pet-friendly properties. So, with this in mind we wanted to create something not just dog-friendly – but a place where your pooch can truly relax. 

After all, isn’t the world so much better in colour?

Our holiday parks offer many locations perfect for your pup, offering a variety of scenic walks, nearby dog-friendly beaches, and even an adorable welcome pack for your pooch, featuring poop bags and a holder, a collapsible bowl, a rope, and a fleece blanket! We even offer a specialist dog menu at a select few of our parks. Much like humans, our dogs receive a range of health benefits from a little time away – so why not book your next dog-friendly holiday now?

The best locations for a dog-friendly holiday

There’s lot to take into consideration when finding both your and your pooch’s ideal UK dog-friendly destination. Whether that be the walking routes, local activities, pet shops, nearby vets, or even the colour scheme of your chosen accommodation – this research will make sure you embark on the most pawsome dog-friendly staycation in the UK.

Dog-friendly holidays for the healthiest pooch

We understand that owning a dog isn’t always about the fun and wholesome times spent with them – ensuring they’re healthy and have regular veterinary visits is also important. 

Keeping your four-legged friend healthy is vital, no matter where you are in the country. That’s why we’ve analysed the number of vets and pet shops available across the UK to uncover which counties are best to either own a dog or visit for your next dog-friendly holiday. 

You never know – you might find your pup’s favourite vet or newest toy near one of our UK caravan parks

Top 10 UK Counties with the most vets

Undoubtedly, the UK stands as a nation of passionate animal lovers, evidenced by an impressive tally of 6,413 pet shops

Rank County Country Number of vets
1 London England 249
2 Lancashire England 211


Kent England 204
4 Essex England 175
5 Surrey England 175
6 Cheshire England 164
7 Devon England 161
8 Hampshire England 153
9 West Yorkshire England 145
10 Gloucestershire England 128


England leads the charge with an extensive network of 4,365 vets. Scotland secures the second spot with 387 dedicated veterinarians, followed by Wales with a count of 200 vets, and Northern Ireland with 114, solidifying their commitment to comprehensive pet healthcare.

The South of England

Celebrating the south of England's commitment to pet care, a staggering 1,946 vets make the region a haven for animal health. Leading the pack is the south east, boasting an impressive total of 960 vets, closely followed by the south west, with 737 vets.

Claiming the top spot is our bustling capital city, as London secures its pet-friendly status with 249 veterinarians! Following suit, Kent takes second place with 204 vets, while Surrey secures the third spot with 175. These locations emerge as prime choices for pet owners, as their abundance of veterinary services reflects a strong commitment to ensuring the well-being of cherished companions.

The North of England

In the Northern part of England, a network of 1,038 veterinarians highlights the region's commitment to pet health. Leading the way is the north west, boasting an impressive 512 vets, followed by Yorkshire with 380 and the north east with 146 dedicated professionals.

Within the north, Lancashire emerges as a premier location for pet ownership, securing its status as a top spot with the highest number of vets – 211. Cheshire isn’t far behind with 164 vets, followed by West Yorkshire with 145.

Vets in the Midlands

The Midlands ensures excellent pet care, with 417 vets in the west Midlands and 391 in the east Midlands. Notably, Lincolnshire takes the lead as the optimal location for pet ownership, boasting 105 vets, closely followed by Derbyshire with 88 vets in the East Midlands. However, Rutland, with just eight vets, has the lowest number in the region.

For pet owners in Staffordshire, a community of 96 vets is ready to provide our beloved pooches the care they need. Similarly, the West Midlands shines as a great location for pet ownership, with 115 dedicated health carers.  The Midlands, with its diverse range of veterinary services, stands as a favourable region for responsible and caring pet ownership.

Vets in England

Pet shops

Here are the top 10 UK Counties with the most pet shops:

Rank County Country Number of pet shops
1 City of London England 120
2 Essex England 103
3 West Midlands England 101
4 Devon England 100
5 Hampshire England 96
6 Surrey England 80
7 Cheshire England 76
8 South Yorkshire England 76
9 West Sussex England 69
10 Dorset England 60


Pet shops in the UK

As well as having the highest total number of vets, England is also in the lead with the highest number of pet shops in the UK, with 2,073. Scotland is in second place with 182 shops, Wales is third with 145 shops, and Northern Ireland has the fewest of pet shops - just 70.

Pet shops in England

Vet Numbers in Scotland

Taking second place with 182 pet shops, Scotland's commitment to pet care is evident thanks to the total of 387 vets across the country. Leading the charge are Aberdeenshire, Lanarkshire, and Fife emerging as exemplary locations for pet ownership and dog-friendly staycations. Lanarkshire boasts 64 veterinarians, Aberdeenshire follows closely with 42, and Fife contributes to the cause with 35 dedicated vets.

In contrast, the Isles, while undoubtedly scenic, currently lack veterinary services with data showing there are none available, highlighting a potential consideration for pet owners in the region.

Pet shops in Scotland

Vets in Scotland


Wales stands as a great place for pet ownership, despite coming third with 145 pet shops. There are an abundance of National Parks and dog-friendly walking routes – all supported by a network of 200 veterinarians across the country. 

Notably, Clwyd and Mid Glamorgan take the lead, showcasing 33 dedicated vets in Clwyd, closely followed by 30 Mid Glamorgan with 30 veterinarians. In contrast, South Glamorgan has a slightly lower count with 16 vets. Despite regional variations, the 200 vets across Wales highlight the commitment to providing thorough veterinary care. This makes Wales an attractive environment for those who cherish their furry companions.

Pet shops & vets in Wales

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland stands out with the lowest count of pet shops and veterinarians, featuring a mere 70 pet shops and 114 vets in total. Antrim leads Northern Ireland with 53 vets, making it the top spot for pet ownership. Tyrone follows with 20, and Down has the least, with no vets available.

Pet shops & vets in Northen Ireland

Pawsome dog-friendly locations

With so many dog-friendly locations all around the UK, it’s never been easier to keep your pet fit and healthy, all whilst taking them on that well-deserved family break. Gone are the days of doggy-daycare – you can spoil your dog with new toys from one of the many local pet shops, find accommodation that appeals to their vision capabilities, opt to live or stay near local vets, or visit some of the UK’s most scenic dog-friendly walking routes. 

Wherever you choose your next adventure with your beloved pooch could be just around the corner. Find the perfect getaway for the entire family and book now! 

For a full list of vet and pet shop data, please request.


Data was sourced from Find a Vet, Yell and 192
Pet shop data sourced for England may appear on a larger scale than other regions due to Yell sourcing pet shops that are in close proximity in other regions, not just that specific region. 

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