World Gin Day - 8th June 2024

Get ready to raise a toast! World Gin Day is approaching, celebrating the beloved spirit. Join the global festivities, savour the diverse flavours, and cheer to the magic of gin!

10 May 2024

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AxleJack: The Official Away Resorts Gin!

Happy World Gin Day, fellow gin lovers! Did you know we created our very own Away Resorts gin back in 2021 and is available at selected bars across our resorts.

Why We Made It

At Away Resorts, we believe in creating unforgettable holiday experiences, and what better way to enhance those moments than with a refreshing drink in hand? Our founder, Carl Castledine, is a passionate gin enthusiast who wanted to share his love for this classic spirit with our guests. That's why we created AxleJack, a gin that reflects Carl's passion and the unique charm of our resorts.

The Story Behind the Name

You might be wondering, "Why the name AxleJack?" Well, static caravan axle stands are key to siting and leveling our caravans and lodges, ensuring they're perfectly stable for your holiday comfort. Just like we use axle stands on a solid base for stability, our gin is solidly crafted with a stable foundation of quality and flavor.

A London Dry Gin with a Twist

AxleJack is a London Dry Gin with Bergamot as the lead botanical. For those who don't know, Bergamot is a citrus fruit similar to an orange, offering a classic London Dry taste with a refreshing citrus finish. (Fun fact – it has the same botanicals as used in our ‘Away Resorts scent’ – that fills your nose as you enter our venues). It's best enjoyed with a Fever Tree Tonic Water and a garnish of orange peel. How do you like your gin served?

Your Perfect Staycation Tipple

Looking for the perfect drink on your next staycation? Look no further than AxleJack! You can find our fabulous gin at our bars and restaurants across our resorts. It's the ideal companion for relaxing afternoons, sunset strolls, or simply unwinding after a day of adventure.

Why Stop There?

Not only do we serve up a fantastic G&T, we have taken it one step further and created our very own, and NEW for 2024, secret sticky sauce - infused with our bespoke Away Resorts AxleJack gin. Crafted to perfection, this delectable sauce teases the palate and makes you want more and more. Created by our Head Chef, the exact ingredients remain a closely guarded secret, but why not try our tender chicken strips coated sauce and a side pot to dip as much as you want and see what you think. Join us in raising a toast to the art of gin-infused deliciousness this World Gin Day.

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