15 dog-friendly beaches in the Isle of Wight

Want to find one of the most dog-friendly places to visit in the UK? With plenty of dog friendly Isle of Wight beaches to be discovered and sniffed, the island makes for a brilliant holiday destination!


Whether you want your pup to help you find fossils at Yaverland Beach, or plenty of beaches within the main Ryde Beach, there are so many opportunities for your pooch to explore! Taking your dog on holiday has become even simpler with the possibilities that can be shared at a variety of beaches, suitable for every type of dog. You can have the best time exploring and making cherished memories with your furry friend, as you both discover together. So, if you’re staying at a dog friendly holiday park in the Isle of Wight, here are 15 dog friendly beaches that you can add to your holiday itinerary…

Bembridge Beach image

Bembridge Beach

Bembridge Beach runs down the coast from the spit at the edge of Bembridge Harbour. The beach is made up of stones, pebbles, and shells, and below the high-water mark is a large sandbank you’ll see at low tide, which gently slopes into Solent. This makes it an ideal location for families with dogs who love some beach fun.

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Colwell Bay image

Colwell Bay

Perfect for dog-friendly days out, Colwell Bay is a beach in West Wight, offering spectacular views back across the Solent to mainland England. This small, easily accessible beach is on the northwest coast and a short distance from The Bay Colwell Holiday Park. At low tide, the beach extends out, revealing rock pools to explore at one of the best dog-friendly Isle of Wight beaches!

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Compton Bay image

Compton Bay

If you want to know one of the island’s best-kept secrets, it’s Compton Bay (shh).

This National Trust location is situated between dramatic white chalk cliffs, offering golden sands, and is a fossil hunter's paradise – your pooch can join in on the discoveries too! Seasonal dog restricions may apply.

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Totland Bay image

Totland Bay

This beautiful bay is another one of the dog-friendly beaches on the west of the Isle of Wight, close to the village of Totland and a 30-minute walk from nearby accommodation. An esplanade runs along it with places to eat and facilities nearby – why not find a dog-friendly spot where you can all refuel after a fun beach day on the Isle?

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Yaverland Beach image

Yaverland Beach

Yaverland Beach is one of the Isle of Wight’s best beaches, providing a long stretch of sand and great waters. Backed by grassy areas and beach huts, this long beach near Sandown tends to stay uncrowded even during peak months. It’s another one of the island’s dinosaur beaches, so will you or your pup discover some fossils during your next Isle of Wight holiday visit?

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Ryde Beach image

Ryde Beach

There are plenty of beaches in Ryde, and this long, gentle sandy expanse is lined with amenities and beach attractions aplenty – plus you’ll find the oldest pier in the UK here. If you’re a morning walker, it’s a popular location for those morning dog walks, where you can catch some stunning photographs of your pooch with the sunrise. Dog restrictions may apply.

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Brook Bay Beach image

Brook Bay Beach

Found on the unspoiled southwest coast of the Isle of Wight, Brook Bay Beach is made up of golden sands adjacent to Compton Bay, so you can plan the best doggy days out and these dog friendly Isle of Wight beaches. A secluded shingle cove surrounded by towering white cliffs that's accessible via footpaths that wind down from clifftops above, your dog will love to explore.

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Dawn breaking over the beach at Whitecliff Bay. One of our stunning locations in the Isle Of Wight

Whitecliff Bay Beach

Whitecliff Bay is a 200-metre-long beach and is a very popular beach, especially in the summer, as it’s a 10-minute walk from the holiday park here. You can make plenty of cherished memories here, especially if you bring your pup – you can explore the rock pools and everything else that this beach provides!

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A view of Shanklin beach near our holiday park.

Shanklin Beach

One of the best-known stretches of golden sand on the island, plus one of the best dog friendly Isle of Wight beaches, Shanklin Beach is a must-visit location! You’ll find majestic cliffs towering over the beach and you can carry on by foot around the headland to Luccombe Beach at low tide – a perfect dog walkers’ day out! Some dog restrictions may apply. 

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Sandown Beach image

Sandown Beach

One of the most recognised beaches on the Isle of Wight, Sandown is the perfect family day out – plus your furry friend can join! You can all explore to your heart’s content, whether you want to get active or enjoy some scenic dog walks. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Sandown Beach is the perfect place to suit all of your needs!

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Alum Bay image

Alum Bay

Alum Bay is especially known for its iconic attraction – The Needles – but it’s also a stunning beach to explore and one of the best dog friendly beaches on the Isle of Wight. Well-known for its multicoloured sand and stunning views across the Solent – you just have to visit to see it for yourself! It’s one of the most picturesque beaches around.

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St Helens Beach (St Helens Duver) image

St Helens Beach (St Helens Duver)

This National Trust Beach is mainly sand, and you can safely swim here – your dog might even want to take a dip. The limestone ledges are great for rock pooling and the sandy beach is a perfect viewpoint for wildlife and passing ships, and only a 5-minute drive from St Helens Coastal Resort, or a 30-minute walk if you’re after a stunning dog walk!

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Freshwater Bay image

Freshwater Bay

A picturesque, semi-circular sandy bay surrounded by white chalk cliffs and downland scenery, makes for one of the best Isle of Wight dog friendly beaches. It has a very natural, unspoiled feel, and as the beach is covered in a mixture of grey flint and chalk pebbles, a unique sound is made as the waves rise and fall onto the shore. Some dog restrictions may apply.

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Gurnard Beach image

Gurnard Beach

A traditional pebble and shingle beach, Gurnard Beach is within walking distance of Cowes on the northwest coast of the Isle of Wight, with great views across the Solent. This beach of sand and shingle faces west towards the Solent. It's generally quieter than some other island beaches, so the perfect place for both sunrise and sunset walks with your dog. Some dog bans may apply. 

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Ventnor Beach image

Ventnor Beach

Traditional seaside charm abounds at this beach, with an esplanade lined with huts, cafes, and amenities in the resort town of Ventnor, about a 20-minute drive from The Lakes Rookley Holiday Park. Nestled in the bay beneath the tumbling tiers of the Victorian town. For the ideal dog friendly beach holiday, Ventnor Beach is one of the top spots on the Isle. Some dog bans may apply.

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Find your dog friendly Isle of Wight beach haven today!

With some of the best dog friendly beaches in the Isle of Wight, you’re set with the hotspots to enjoy with your pooch. To help you further plan your next holiday, take a look at our dog friendly beaches Isle of Wight map, so you can plan your dog walking routes.

Then, you can go on to book your next Isle of Wight holiday, and enjoy the perks of this beautiful island and its coastal scenery…

Remember to always check the dog restrictions yourself before visiting as some may vary.

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