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Bear in the Woods image

Bear in the Woods

Furry friends and their magical adventures

Bear in the Woods

Meet Bear, Scratch and Lucy – sweet, cute and oh so lovable. The most magical trio you will care to encounter! With so many songs to sing, stories to tell and adventures to take, it’s no wonder the friends from Bear in the Woods are a furry favourite for both kids and parents alike.

A group of people posing for a photo with the Away Resorts characters, Bear, Scratch and Lucy.

Bear in the Woods

The friends from Bear in the Woods love to come out to play in their own shows as part of the PLAY Live on Stage show. Kids (and even parents) will find themselves dancing along to toe-tapping tunes, playing fun games and even getting involved on stage with the gang. Whilst each character has their own unique and bubbly personality, they all share one common trait and that is making people smile.

Meet the gang


Bear is the wise leader of the gang who lives in a cave in the woods and always loves a bear hug! He enjoys fishing for kippers and protecting the woods with the gang.


Lucy lives in a house on the outskirts of the woods and goes to visit Bear and Scratch for their adventures. She loves jam sandwiches as well as strawberry milkshakes.


Scratch is a cheeky scamp and loves to play jokes and tricks. He’s scared of spiders (who isn’t!) and enjoys tucking into a Mud and Dandelion pizza.

You’ll always find Bear, Scratch and Lucy making regular Meet & Greet sessions which are scheduled within the programme that’s handed to you during your stay. There’s always an opportunity to meet the gang around the park and during PLAY sessions so keep an eye out for these cuddly characters.

On Stage with Bear in the Woods

Most evenings, before the little ones’ bedtime, the gang take to the stage to mesmerize and enchant with wonderful fun-filled shows. Throughout their holiday, children get to see the gang come together, live on stage in their own stage productions.

Stories include Broadway Bear where the gang share their lifelong ambitions of reaching the big stage from Lucy’s Broadway dream to an opera singing Bear. Other shows include The Baking Bear, a culinary comedy of Scratch’s kitchen mishaps and Under the Sea with Bear and the gang going on an imaginary adventure to take his mind off a bothersome cold.

Bear’s Puppet Theatre image

Bear’s Puppet Theatre

Bear’s Puppet Theatre is a Punch and Judy style pop-up theatre with all three characters in hand puppet form in mini productions.

Lucy’s Storytime image

Lucy’s Storytime

These are popular childrens stories told by Lucy and Scratch live on stage. These stories are fantastic little tales that provides giggles, entertainment and even a few life lessons.

Lucy’s Teddy Puppet Show image

Lucy’s Teddy Puppet Show

Designed for Under 5’s, Lucy Teddy’s Puppet Show is perfect for the little ones. Lucy’s Teddy is Lucy’s small and cuddly toy that never leaves her side and loves to wriggle his nose.

Take them home forever image

Take them home forever

The gang are all available to buy as cuddly puppets from our online shop and from our parks during your stay. Order from our store from £8.99 and get FREE delivery on all Bear, Scratch & Lucy Puppets.

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