11 of the best Yorkshire coastal walks

The wonders of Yorkshire's coastline are endless, with breathtaking scenery, diverse landscapes, and a wealth of historical landmarks to be discovered. If you're looking for a holiday in Yorkshire, you've got to explore some of the best coastal walks to make your trip exceptional.


From adventurous walks along rugged cliffs to peaceful strolls across picturesque bays, these coastal walks in Yorkshire promise unforgettable memories for your trip away.

You can be a seasoned hiker or a casual stroller because there are great walks for everyone along this captivating stretch of coastline.

Why take the trip along Runswick Bay to soak up the sunshine, or you can explore fishing villages on the Staithes to Port Mulgrave circular walk? To help you out, we've put together 11 of the best Yorkshire coastal walks to explore on your break:

Runswick Bay image

Runswick Bay

Nestled between Whitby and Saltburn, Runswick Bay is a hidden gem that offers one of the most scenic Yorkshire coastal walks. This 2-mile circular route lets you wander Runswick Bay, where you can stroll along red-roofed cottages and narrow streets before heading along the Cleveland Way coastal path. The scenic views include the remains at Port Mulgrave harbour, which opened in 1856.

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Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay image

Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay

This invigorating Yorkshire coastal walk is approximately 11 miles long and follows the Cleveland Way National Trail from the picturesque village of Ravenscar to the enchanting fishing village of Robin Hood's Bay. Prepare for views of the rugged coastline, the North York Moors National Park, and the Ravenscar Sea Cliff. This chalk cliff is a popular spot for rock climbers and tourists.

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Flamborough Head image

Flamborough Head

The 7-mile Flamborough Head trail is a must-visit coastal walk in East Yorkshire. It offers a stunning chalk headland, home to a nature reserve and seabirds. You'll have a great time trying to see what types of wildlife you can spot – including puffins, kittiwakes, and gannets. The cliff tops, offering panoramic views of the North Sea, and the iconic Flamborough Head Lighthouse.

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Fraisthorpe to Bridlington image

Fraisthorpe to Bridlington

Another of the best Yorkshire coastal walks is the delightful trail from the charming village of Fraisthorpe to the seaside town of Bridlington. The 6-mile trail follows the Wolds Way and the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trails, offering stunning views of the rolling chalk hills and the North Sea. The stunning Fraisthorpe Beach is much quieter than others in East Yorkshire.

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Staithes to Port Mulgrave circular walk image

Staithes to Port Mulgrave circular walk

This 4-mile circular Yorkshire coastal walk takes you along the dramatic cliffs and through the charming fishing villages of Staithes and Port Mulgrave. The trail winds through Staithes's narrow, cobbled streets, where you can experience a picture-perfect village that's inspired many artists over the years. There's even a gallery you could visit during your walk.

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Cloughton and Hayburn Wyke image

Cloughton and Hayburn Wyke

The Cloughton and Hayburn Wyke Yorkshire coastal walk combines the countryside's beauty with the coastline's charm on a 5-mile trail. The trail takes you through the picturesque village of Cloughton, allowing you to spot some picturesque stone cottages and countryside vistas before leading you to the stunning Hayburn Wyke. This secluded cove is a true hidden gem in Yorkshire.

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Bempton Cliffs Circular image

Bempton Cliffs Circular

The Bempton Cliffs circular walk is a must-do for any nature lover exploring the many Yorkshire coastal walks. This 4-mile trail takes you along the dramatic chalk cliffs home to one of the largest seabird colonies in the UK. Over 200,000 seabirds, including puffins, gannets, and kittiwakes, nest on the cliffs, making this walk unforgettable. The trail also provides stunning views.

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Filey Brigg Walk image

Filey Brigg Walk

The Filey Brigg Walk is one of the nicest Yorkshire coastal walks that takes you along the iconic Filey Brigg, a narrow peninsula that leads out into the North Sea. This 2-mile stroll is perfect if you want a tranquil setting to admire the stunning views of the rugged cliffs and sandy beaches of Filey Bay. You'll have the opportunity to explore rock pools, seabirds and marine life.

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Whitby Wander image

Whitby Wander

The Whitby Wander is a captivating Yorkshire coastal walk that takes you on a 7-mile trip through the heart of the historic town of Whitby. This trail showcases the coastline's beauty and the rich history and culture of this iconic fishing town. You'll explore the famous Whitby Abbey and take in stunning views of the harbour and learn about Whitby's fascinating maritime history

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Whitby to Sandsend image

Whitby to Sandsend

This picturesque Yorkshire coastal walk takes you along the Cleveland Way from the historic town of Whitby to the charming village of Sandsend. As you venture through Whitby, you'll be greeted by the iconic sight of the Whitby Abbey, perched on the cliffs overlooking the town. When you come to Sandsend, you'll be intrigued by the many fishing boats you might spot out at sea.

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Coast to Coast Trail image

Coast to Coast Trail

The Coast to Coast trail is one of the most iconic Yorkshire coastal walks and one of the best long-distance walks in the UK. The trail spans the entire breadth of northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. While the entire trail covers 190 miles, the Yorkshire coastal section is a key highlight. It takes you along the gorgeous coastline of the North York Moors National Park.

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Get prepared with our Yorkshire coastal walks map!

Image opportunity – An idea could be to add a map outlining the starting points of all the walks mentioned above, as well as the 2 Away Resorts holiday parks in Yorkshire.

Having a reliable map at hand is essential to making the most of your Yorkshire coastal adventures. Our Yorkshire coastal walks map provides a comprehensive overview of the region's coastline, showing you some of the best routes for each walk mentioned above. 

With our 11 fantastic Yorkshire walks, you'll have everything you need to begin the most amazing coastal break away with the family, where you can experience everything a UK holiday has to offer!

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