Putting the passion in our performances...

In 2017 the Away Resorts theatre company was born. A happy, high energy and highly talented group of people came together to showcase performances that would be industry leading and something that you won't see anywhere else. Taking inspiration from the London West End, they work tirelessly to rehearse - as well as having some fun along the way! You can expect production shows, kids entertainment, live music and more.

Take a look...

Take a look...

Meet the team...

Claire Hoyle, Casting Manager image

Claire Hoyle, Casting Manager

A real love for people! My team and our gorgeous guests!

Tom Hoyle, Creative Development Manager image

Tom Hoyle, Creative Development Manager

The team shine and our customers smile - I love what we do!

Lloyd Nandra, Event & Activities Manager image

Lloyd Nandra, Event & Activities Manager

Finding new activities alongside the old classics - our customers love them!

Max Barraclough, Creative Director image

Max Barraclough, Creative Director

Max leads the team at Away Resorts, always crafting new and innovative propositions for our guests. His passion for what we do always shines through with a genuine love for the industry.

Discovering different...

Whilst you wait... just think about being in your swimmers, the sun's out and the smiles are big