Pitch Fees Frozen for the following 3 pitch years - at selected locations!

We know things are tough for everyone right now – the cost of living is rising and it’s affecting everyone. But we don’t think you should compromise on the luxuries in life – you deserve them.

That’s why we’ve created our ‘Summer - I’m In’ offer for you…

Don’t worry about your pitch fees for the remainder of the 2022 season. And don’t worry about them increasing for the next 3 pitch years either!

We’ll pay your pitch fees for you for the remainder of the current pitch year and will then freeze them at the 2022 current rates until the end of your third full pitch year (which will end in 2025 or early 2026 depending on your chosen park**) This means more affordable, unlimited holidays in your very own holiday home during this time!.


Where is this offer available? 

Simply select the location that looks right for you and fill out your details below. One of our friendly sales advisors will be in touch to take you through the next steps and answer any questions you have about holiday home ownership.

Appletree Country Park image

Appletree Country Park

Boston, Lincolnshire

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Cleethorpes Pearl Holiday Park image

Cleethorpes Pearl Holiday Park

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

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Mill Rythe Coastal Village image

Mill Rythe Coastal Village

Hayling Island, Hampshire

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Golden Sands Holiday Park image

Golden Sands Holiday Park

Rhyl, North Wales

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Moffat Manor image

Moffat Manor

Moffat, Scotland

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^ Offer available at Appletree Country Park, Cleethorpes Pearl, Mill Rythe, Moffat Manor and Golden Sands. Offer Applies to new sales only. Offer does not apply to part exchange. For more information, visit * Unlimited holidays subject to site license term as season lengths vary by location.

^ Pitch Fees Freeze until 2026:

When purchasing a caravan or holiday lodge only through Away Resorts Ltd at a participating park location, your pitch fee for the remainder of the 2022 pitch fee year (current pitch fee year) will be FREE. Pitch fees for the following three pitch fee years (beginning 2023, 2024 and 2025) will be frozen at the rate that would have been applicable to your chosen pitch fee location in the current pitch fee year when purchasing a caravan or holiday lodge only through Away Resorts Ltd (current year rates)**  . Purchasers will be required to sign an Away Resorts standard pitch license agreement. Offer applies to new sales only. Pitch fees will be frozen at current year rates for the next three pitch years, after which your pitch fees for the pitch fee year beginning in 2026 (2026 Pitch Fee Year), and all subsequent pitch fee years, will be subject to an increase equivalent to the standard annual increase applied by Away Resorts Ltd to all pitch fees at the relevant park. For the 2026 Pitch Fee Year, this standard annual increase will be applied to the frozen 2022 rate, and pitch fees will increase annually thereafter in line with Away Resorts Limited standard annual increases.  For this offer to apply, you must have placed an order and paid the deposit on your new holiday home on or before 17th July 2022 and completed the purchase by paying the full balance and sales paperwork on or before 1st September 2022 (subject to stock delivery).  If your new holiday home has not been delivered to us by 1st September 2022, we will grant an extension to this date until such time as your new holiday home is delivered, after which we will require you to have completed the purchase within 14 days of delivery of the new holiday home to us.

**Pitch fee years vary by park and by pitch location: by way of example only, for purchases of a new holiday home with a pitch fee year of 1st Jan– 31st Dec 2022, under this promotion your pitch fees for the remainder of this 2022/2023 period would be free and your pitch fees for the following three seasons (1st Jan - 31st Dec 2023, 1st Jan  -31st Dec 2024, 1st Jan – 31st Dec 2025) would be frozen at the pitch fee rate applicable between 1st Jan  – 31st Dec 2022 for the holiday home purchased.  Standard Away Resorts Ltd annual increases would then apply for the pitch fee year 1st Jan– 31st Dec 2026 and all subsequent pitch fee years.

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