St Ives Bay FAQs

Your Frequently Asked Questions about our newest acquisition, St Ives Bay.

Can I bring my dog?

If you are a previous guest of St. Ives Bay Beach Resort, you will be familiar with the ‘no dogs’ policy on the park.

Whilst you may value this approach, at Away Resorts, we recognise that a large proportion of the population have a dog as the family pet and wish to be able to bring their four-legged friend on their UK break. Across all our parks, we receive many enquiries from guests asking to bring their dog on holiday with them and so from 2022 onwards, we are pleased to announce that they will be allowed to travel with you to St. Ives Bay Beach Resort and may stay in all tourers and in all grades of accommodation from Comfort through to our Exclusive range. They must be well-behaved, and up to two dogs per accommodation/tourer are allowed for an additional charge of £2 per night for tourers, £35 per short break and £55 per long stay, per dog.

For your information, please note that dogs are allowed on the beach at St. Ives Bay Beach Resort from January-June and September-December and before 10am and after 5pm between July-August.

And for those of you who may feel unsure about this change in policy please be assured that we take our dog friendly stance seriously, requiring all dogs on park to wear a lead and be always under the control of a responsible adult. Dogs may not be left unattended in accommodation and all owners are responsible for disposing of doggy foul in the bins provided. Those that do not adhere to this, may be asked to leave the park.

Certain types of dog are not allowed on any of our parks, to maintain the safety and well-being of all our guests. These include Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero and Japanese Tosa and any other dogs designated by the Dangerous Dogs Act or which are legally required to be muzzled. Full terms can be found on our website.


Can I pick my pitch?

We know you will be used to phoning the team on park and requesting a very specific holiday home or pitch to stay in. By doing this, it means our customers get what they want, when they would like it, all subject to availability. Unfortunately, here at Away Resorts we do not currently offer this option.


Can I come and stay any night?

Any day arrivals are available all year - unlike many operators, we do not have set days you have to arrive and leave. Yes, you read that right - that includes peak dates too. Arrive when you want and leave when you want. All we ask is that you stay for a minimum of 2 nights, but apart from that, you can stay as long or as short as you like. due to our any day arrivals policy. No more Saturday traffic – hooray!


I don't understand the new grading system, how do I pick my usual accommodation?

We have very high standards here at Away Resorts, and to maintain consistency across all our parks – we have regraded all our accommodation at St. Ives Bay. We have two main ways to identify our holiday homes; classic and Exclusive. Our classic range will largely be the accommodation you have stayed in and love. And the Exclusive range really is extra special with early check in, towels, 55inch TVs in the lounge, TVs in the bedroom and a few welcome goodies on arrival including a bottle of bubbly!

To make it easy for you, you can see the new grade for 2022 alongside the old grade here. For example, Superior - ‘Was Seafarer’. This should help you book the grade that you usually do. Please note all tenting and touring pitch types remain the same.


Why has the price gone up?

We're planning on some fantastic new developments for the park this winter, including the main Bistro becoming a beautiful new restaurant and bar, more actvities, events and suitable entertainment. We're also investing in our accommodation, with brand new lodges and refurbishments. So whilst your holiday may cost a little more, you can expect some lovely new experiences to enjoy! Don't forget, as a valued previous guest, you have been sent your exclusive discount code.

Have Away Resorts purchased St. Ives Bay Holiday Park?

We have indeed and we could not be more excited! What a gorgeous park in a truly beautiful location. 


What plans do you have for the park?

St. Ives as it stands, is already an amazing park with its own personality that welcomes thousands of guests each year. As a brand that likes to nurture and invest in our parks carefully, our only wish is to enhance what amazing attributes the park already has.


I would like to book St. Ives Bay; how do I do this?

If you would like to book for 2022, accommodation is now available on the Away Resorts website. Please use our booking bar below to check availability and to book online.


I have a booking with St. Ives Bay this year, do I need to do anything?

Please note that whilst we are the new owners, your booking will go ahead as normal! Any queries please contact the park. We will not be making any fundamental changes to terms and conditions this season.


I am a previous guest and want to know more about you.

We are a small brand with a big heart. Everything we do, we do with passion and we recognise that each one of our parks is special in their own way. Since 2008, we have spent millions of pounds on investments within our locations, from landscaping to new-look bars and restaurants to brand-new swimming pools.

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