Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ

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About Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

There’s a bounty of brilliant things to see at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, with each attraction showcasing a different period of British naval history. From museums and ship tours to interactive experiences, there's so much to see.

HMS Victory: Probably one of the most famous ships in Britain, Horatio Nelson’s mighty warship sailed him all the way to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Tour the HMS Victory’s interiors before stepping down into the dry dock to view the 3500-ton hull from below.

Royal Navy Submarine Tour: Board the only surviving Second World War submarine at this awesome museum which details how submarines work and what life was like onboard. You’ll get to go deep into the bowels of the HMS Alliance and even take a peek through its periscope!

The Dockyard Apprentice: Ever wanted to know what it was like to work at the docks during the early 20th century? This fun museum pieces together the stories of hundreds of apprentices who helped built dreadnoughts for the Royal Navy fleet.

Other major attractions at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard include the jewel of the Victorian navy, HMS Warrior, and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which tracks 350 years of sea invasions. Got kids in tow? Check out the fabulous Horrible Histories Pirates attraction! You’ll additionally find the Mary Rose Museum within the Historic Dockyard. Accessed using the same ticket as the docks, it tells the story of one of Henry VIII’s favourite – and most famous – warships.

How to get to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is located just north of Gunwharf Quays and within a few minutes of the city centre. If you’re catching the train, it’s just a four-minute walk away from Portsmouth Harbour Station. When it comes to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard parking, you’ll find a dedicated car park just 400m from the site’s entrance. If you’d rather not drive into the city centre though, there’s also a Park & Ride available just off the M275.

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