Dive in and experience the best water parks in Cornwall

There’s nothing better than splashing, diving, and cannonballing your way into your next UK staycation with one of the spectacular water parks in Cornwall. But what makes them so incredible? Where can you find them? Can you go RIGHT NOW? Don’t worry, the excitement is just starting!

Time to make a splash... image

Time to make a splash...

Let us take you through our fantastic guide to visiting a Cornwall water park for your next holiday. It can be tricky to find the best water park in Cornwall as there’s such a wide range of incredible options. Nevertheless, here are a few of our favourites…

Water fun in Cornwall

Aqua Park

This incredible aqua park in Cornwall offers endless fun and a variety of water activities to keep everyone entertained! Don't worry though, every session includes a safety brief to ensure the most satisfying yet safe enviroment possible.

We can guarantee that hurling yourself into the water from our aquapark will be one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had.

Race your family and friends around the course and see who’s the most skilled at jumping and bouncing, and who’s the most likely victim of making a splash!

We're also home to some of the most amazing water sports in Cornwall, where you can experience things like wakeboarding too...

Fun at Bude

Staying at our Bude Holiday Resort is another great option to experience water parks in Cornwall! For one, it’s only an hour's drive from the Retallack Aqua Park, but this resort has its own aquatic fun.

Take the little ones down to the Splash Zone, for some exhilarating jumping and splashing...

If you desire a relaxing dip in the water, our outdoor heated pool will be the perfect choice for you. So, no matter what weather England decides to throw at you, you can experience a warm and tranquil swim to brighten up your day.

Riding the FlowRider

When we say you get a unique and exclusive experience staying at Away Resorts, that’s exactly what we mean. So, why don’t we introduce you to the one and only all-round surfing wave in Cornwall – the FlowRider.

Surfing at a water park is a must for anyone looking for that extra thrill during their aquatic adventures. And the water park in Cornwall to visit for this experience is none other than the aforementioned Retallack Resort.

Why limit yourself to the ever-changing conditions of the sea waves to give you the surfing fun you deserve? With the FlowRider, the waves stay rapid and huge all year!

Cornwall's Waterworld Newquay

The Waterworld Newquay park is something you may have heard of before! Well, Waterworld Newquay is now Newquay Leisure World, and it’s not far to get to from one of our luxurious holiday parks in Cornwall.

Come and stay in the fabulous Newquay Bay Away Resorts park, or even venture down to our Retallack Resort, and you’ll be a short drive away from Newquay Leisure World.

Experience Cornwall Water Parks image

Experience Cornwall Water Parks

When it comes to a spectacular experience at a Cornwall water park, nothing is holding you back from coming and diving into a new adventure with us at Away Resorts. There are plenty of splash-tastic activities in Cornwall you can enjoy in and around our holiday parks, we also offer outstanding accommodation so you can rest and recharge.


Does Cornwall have a water park?

There are plenty of water parks in Cornwall for you to visit for an unforgettable aquatic experience. Visit our aqua park at Retallack Resort, or the water park in Cornwall’s Bude Holiday Resort.

Does Newquay have a Waterpark?

Newquay has a water park called Leisure World, formerly Waterworld Newquay. However, Newquay is only a short drive from the Retallack Resort Aqua Park at Away Resorts, so the options are there for you to choose from.

What is the largest lake pool in Cornwall?

The largest freshwater lake in Cornwall is Loe Pool. If you want to visit this, stay at one of our holiday parks in Cornwall , such as Bude Holiday Resort, where you’ll find luxury accommodation nearby.

What is the Flowrider?

The Flowrider is Cornwall’s only surf simulator, which provides endless waves throughout the year. Whatever your level of experience, qualified instructors will help you get standing and riding on your surf board in no time. 

What is the largest pool in Cornwall?

The largest pool in Cornwall is the Jubilee Pool, which is also the largest surviving outdoor lido in the country. The pool is 73 metres by 100 metres in length.

What is the best water Park in Cornwall?

The best water park in Cornwall can be found at Away Resorts. Visit Retallack Resort for a unique aqua park experience with the FlowRider, or visit Bude Holiday Resort for some family fun water adventures.

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