Cornwall wildlife – Take a walk on the wild side of Cornwall

If you want to explore what Cornwall wildlife is like while visiting on your staycation, here’s a guide to some fun activities and adventures to embark on while you’re away. For all nature fans, you can find amazing animals in zoos in Cornwall, and Cornwall marine life in their natural habitat in some of the best coastal locations in the UK.

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Cornwall zoos & bird sanctuaries

Newquay Zoo

A popular destination to see a variety of species is Newquay Zoo, where you’ll discover hundreds of animals and plenty of greenery to roam through.

There are even various events and talks where you can learn more about the zoo animals in Cornwall, including penguins and ring-tailed lemurs. 

Screech Owl Sanctuary

If you’re an avid birdwatcher, you might be interested in visiting Screech Owl Sanctuary and Animal Park where you’ll find and learn about a range of hand-tamed owls.

The Cornwall Bird Sanctuary provides care and rehabilitation for sick owls before releasing them safely into the wild or providing them with a comfortable home.

It’s the perfect place to raise awareness and also get an up-close experience with some of the best animals in Cornwall zoos.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Cornwall marine life and seals go hand in hand, and a great place for this is the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which rescues and rehabilitates grey seal pups in Gweek.

By visiting the sanctuary, you can experience these beautiful marine animals and learn about each one's personal stories. You could even join staff on the breakfast rounds, or be a keeper for the day, where you’ll discover just what goes into keeping these pups happy and healthy.

And with many more seal experiences to choose from, it makes for a perfect day out!

Paradise Wildlife Park

Another popular sanctuary to visit is Paradise Wildlife Park Cornwall, home to 130 species of birds. But not just birds – you’ll also find otters, red squirrels, and a variety of farm animals.

Big on conservation, Paradise Park is a world leader in parrot conservation and is now conserving a variety of threatened mammals, like red pandas.

But where is Paradise Wildlife Park? Situated in Hayle, Cornwall, you could make a day of it with plenty more to do in this part of the county. You could find some more Cornwall wildlife and marine life on Gwithian Beach or Lelant Beach.

Get ready to explore wildlife in Cornwall…

With plenty of zoos and marine life in Cornwall to satisfy your wanderlust for Cornwall wildlife, it’s time to plan what you want to do whilst on holiday.

Where will you visit?

  • Newquay Zoo
  • Paradise Wildlife Park
  • Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The choice is yours. Then you can book your dream wildlife holiday with Away Resorts to meet furry friends old and new…

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An amazing family day out

An image of a seal swimming at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Head over to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary during your visit...

Cornwall Zoo FAQs

There may be burning questions you have about a Cornwall Zoo, or simply about the animals and other wildlife in Cornwall, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions to make your trip that little bit easier.

How many zoos are in Cornwall?

In total, there are nine Cornwall zoos and wildlife parks to choose from, so really, it’s about picking one near where you’re staying, or the one most suitable for your family’s interests.

For example, Cornwall Newquay Zoo is best when you spend around three hours there to get the full experience, so it’s ideal if you want a full day out, especially as there’s a wider variety of animals to explore. It’s the biggest and one of the best zoos in Cornwall, so it’s highly recommended you visit whilst you’re in the county!

Have the lions left Newquay Zoo?

For fans of Newquay Zoo or just lions in general, it is unfortunate that the lions are no longer living here – but for good reason. Zoos must continuously review how their animals are kept, and with Newquay Zoo it became evident that the lion's enclosure was no longer suitable for them.

Instead, their new home at Paignton Zoo is much larger and will provide the lions with more room to live and roam comfortably. Even though they are one of the most popular animals to visit, it’s always best that their health comes first. But it’s still possible to go and visit them over at Paignton Zoo in Devon – which is Newquay’s sister zoo, so of course they’re still receiving the utmost care!

How big is Paignton Zoo?

If you’re interested in visiting the lions at Paignton Zoo, there’s over a two-hour driving distance between them both, for reference. And to get to Devon from Cornwall will take just over an hour and a half. It’s not too bad depending on how eager you are to visit, just know you’ll be able to see around 2,000 animals over 80 acres of beautiful grounds. And even though Newquay Zoo no longer has lions, there are still lots of other Cornwall wildlife to see, set across 13 incredible acres!

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