Surfs up – Our guide to Cornwall surfing

Are you dreaming of riding the waves on an incredible surfing holiday this year? Well, Cornwall surfing is one of the most popular types of trips for surf enthusiasts across the country. Not only does surfing in Cornwall provide a surplus of perfect waves for your next adventure, but it also offers an unforgettable holiday experience for the whole family. Read our fantastic guide to Cornwall surfing so you’re well prepared to grab your board, hit the coast, and make your next UK staycation one to remember…

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Why is Cornwall so good for surfing holidays?

Due to the deep Atlantic low-pressure systems that surround it, the Cornish coastline is perfect for catching huge swells and producing some of the most ideal surfing conditions in the whole of Europe.

Every year, surfers flood to Cornwall’s surfing beaches, where they can leave their worries and cares behind and spend their holiday riding the waves. And the best part about it is — surfing in Cornwall is right on your doorstep. This ultimate surfing destination is only a car ride away for those looking for a fun staycation in the UK.

Try surfing lessons in Cornwall

Never surfed before?

One thing we love about surfing in Cornwall is that it’s not only a great place to go surfing, it’s a great place to start surfing. Overcome any challenges or uncertainties and you’ll come away from your break more adventurous than ever!

At our Blue Surf School in Newquay Bay, there’s room for all the family to learn to start surfing like a pro. Our Newquay surf lessons are run by the best instructors who are highly experienced in surfing. You can even book a group session for the whole family, where we guarantee enjoyable and helpful surf lessons in Cornwall. Or come down to St Ives Bay to take part in the fun-filled Shore Surf School. This is one of the longest-running surf schools in the area and allows your entire family to experience surfing on your own terms, no matter your skill level.

More advanced surf lessons

At Away Resorts, we offer a variety of incredible holiday parks in the UK that are perfect for a Cornwall surfing trip. Up and down this incredible location in the UK, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your next surfing adventure!

Of course, we’ve already mentioned Newquay Bay and the fantastic Blue Surf School for surf lessons. You could also take the trip down to our Bude Holiday Resort for the Freewave Surf Academy. Here, you’ll find some amazing instructors ready to give you the surfing lessons in Cornwall you’ve always wanted. Retallack Resort can offer you a unique surfing experience since it provides the only surf simulator in the whole of Cornwall. Rather than trying to find the right waves, you can hop onto the simulator and show off your best surfing skills – or your most creative wipeouts – for an unforgettable experience.

Seasons for surfing in Cornwall image

Seasons for surfing in Cornwall

During autumn, winter, and spring (October-April), you’ll find much larger waves hitting the coastline, with a consistent string of huge swells. Therefore, you’re more likely to find experienced surfers at these times. During the summer months (May-September), the waves are tamer, smoother and ideal for inexperienced or beginner surfers.

Best beaches for surfing in Cornwall:

Fistral Beach

This is one of the best Newquay surf beaches, hence why it’s usually crowded during the summer! You can expect some incredible waves at this Newquay surf beach, with swells up to eight feet tall.

Gwithian Beach

This is also one of the best beaches for surfing in Cornwall and there’s always plenty of room for excited visitors. With plenty of range when it comes to wave size along the beach, there’s something for all skill levels.

Porthmeor Beach

If you want to surf at the beach near St Ives, this is a great option. Although its swells may not be as consistent as other beaches, on a good day, you can find some perfect waves to ride.

Perranporth Beach

Another spot great for Cornwall surfing, this beach is full of some great swells. Also, you can find a bit of a locals’ hotspot down in the corner, which although hard to get to, can be great to visit on your trip.

Fun for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

Over 300 stunning beaches in Cornwall!

Over 300 stunning beaches in Cornwall!

Surfing in Cornwall FAQS

If you have any questions about surfing in Cornwall for your break away, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll happily give you the information you need. In the meantime, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Cornwall surfing.

Does Cornwall have good surfing?

Cornwall has some of the best surfing in the UK, thanks to the deep Atlantic low-pressure systems that surround it. This results in some massive swells and ideal waves for surfing in Cornwall.

Why is Cornwall famous for surfing?

Cornwall is famous for surfing and has been for many years due to the wide range of fantastic surf beaches in Cornwall. Each beach offers something new for each surfer and provides some huge swells.

Where is good for surfing in Cornwall?

There are plenty of perfect Cornwall surfing spots, ranging from Newquay surf beaches to some great locations in St Ives.

What is the best beach for surfing in Cornwall?

The best beach for surfing in Cornwall will depend on the type of waves you want to experience. For huge swells, you could try something like Fistral Beach, and for waves that are more suited to surf beginners, you could try somewhere like Gwithian Beach.

What is the best month in the year for beginners to go surfing?

The best month in the year for beginners to go surfing in Cornwall would most likely be one of the summer months – May to September. This is due to the waves being smoother and less extreme, so less experienced surfers can hone their skills when Cornwall surfing.

Is St Ives beach good for surfing?

St Ives beaches can be really good for surfing. You could try riding the waves at Porthmeor Beach with your loved ones, or the great swells found at Porthgwidden Beach.

Is Fistral Beach good for surfing?

Fistral Beach is one of the best places to surf in Cornwall and is possibly the most popular location for surfers among all the different Cornwall surfing beaches. You can ride waves up to eight feet tall in this ideal Cornwall surf spot.

Is Newquay a good place to surf?

Newquay is a great place to surf thanks to the many Newquay surf beaches you can visit on your trip. Fistral Beach can be found in Newquay, for example, and this is a perfect spot for some Cornwall surfing.

Is North or South Cornwall better for surfing?

South Cornwall tends to offer smaller, tamer waves which can be ideal if you’re looking for Cornwall surfing beaches for beginners. North Cornwall has much larger swells and more challenging waves at the beaches, so this can be ideal for those looking for more extreme Cornwall surfing.

Why are waves so big in Cornwall?

The waves are so big in Cornwall as a result of the deep Atlantic low-pressure systems that surround the Cornish coastline. This leads to some huge swells and waves, which provide some of the best places to surf in Cornwall at many beaches.

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