13 fantastic pubs near Newquay

Newquay, a vibrant coastal town in Cornwall, is an ideal holiday destination known for its stunning beaches, surfing culture, and scenic coastal walks. But it also boasts a range of fantastic pubs near Newquay where you can have the best pints and pub grub on your getaway.


The best pubs near Newquay offer a little something for everyone – whether you're searching for a relaxing spot to enjoy a pint of local ale with your family or a lively venue for a night out with friends.

Among these great watering holes, you’ll find traditional inns, beachside bars, and countryside pubs near Newquay, so you have a wide range of options to suit your holiday style.

For instance, why not go to the Sailors Arms for a cosy pint or visit Fistral Beach Bar for a seaside sip? Let’s look at 13 fantastic pubs near Newquay that you have to try on your next break.

The best pubs near Newquay

When it comes to finding the best pubs near Newquay, a few options stand out as the perfect choice for your days or evenings out enjoying a pint. 

One thing to remember is that the town of Newquay is around a 10-minute drive from the nearby Newquay Bay Holiday Park. As such, many of the great pubs on this list can be right within reach on your trip.

Here are the top picks to put on your dream holiday itinerary:

Sailors Arms, Newquay image

Sailors Arms, Newquay

Nestled in the heart of Newquay, the Sailors Arms is a beloved local gem that embodies the town's spirit. This traditional pub invites you into a warm and welcoming atmosphere, adorned with nautical decor and a cosy fireplace. You can sip your favourite beverages from the pubs selection of locally brewed ales and ciders and you can try from the menu brimming with classic pub fare.

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Red Lion, Newquay image

Red Lion, Newquay

The Red Lion is a great establishment and one of the best pubs near Newquay to visit on your escape. You’ll find tons of charm and character at this pub, with its traditional decor. The pub offers a wide range of local ales and an impressive selection of whiskies and gins, so you’re sure to find the right beverage. This pub is dog-friendly too, so bring your furry friend along!

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Family enjoying a bite to eat at our Newquay Bay Holiday Park.

The Porth Venue, Newquay Bay

Perched on the stunning Newquay Bay, The Porth Venue is a true gem among pubs near Newquay. This modern establishment boasts a spacious outdoor terrace, so you can enjoy your favourite pint. With an extensive menu featuring locally sourced seafood and a selection of beers and cocktails. This spot is in the Newquay Bay Holiday Park, so delicious food and drink could be on your doorstep.

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Fort Inn, Newquay image

Fort Inn, Newquay

Right on the fringe of the town centre, Fort Inn offers stunning views of the rugged Cornish coastline. This traditional pub has all the classic charm you would expect from a British pub favourite but also adds some modern and stylish interior. While you enjoy your tasty beverage or a hearty pub meal from the menu, there’s also a play area for your little ones to let off some steam.

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The Lanherne Pub and Restaurant, Newquay image

The Lanherne Pub and Restaurant, Newquay

The Lanherne Pub and Restaurant is a hidden gem just a stones throw from Newquays town centre. This cosy establishment offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy your pint, making it one of the best pubs near Newquay. The menu features a variety of delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, complemented by an impressive selection of real ales and wines.

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Fistral Beach Bar, Newquay image

Fistral Beach Bar, Newquay

If you’re seeking a lively atmosphere and a front-row seat to some of the best surf action in the area, the Fistral Beach Bar is an absolute must-visit. This vibrant beachside establishment offers stunning views of the iconic Fistral Beach. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage of your choice while watching the rolling waves come in and out of the shore.

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The Bowgie Inn, West Pentire image

The Bowgie Inn, West Pentire

The Bowgie Inn is a true hidden treasure in the picturesque village of West Pentire. This charming pub is perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a quiet moment. The Bowgie Inn also has one of the best beer gardens among the pubs near Newquay and has been owned by the same man for 50 years. He used to grow potatoes in the field to make them.

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The Central, Newquay image

The Central, Newquay

Located in the heart of Newquay town centre, The Central is a lively and bustling pub that has been a local favourite for generations. It’s a great spot to get together with friends or family and enjoy a casual and vibrant day out in Newquay. This establishment boasts a spacious outdoor seating area to soak up the sun as you bite down on delicious food and sip tasty beverages.

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The best country pubs near Newquay

While Newquay is known for its beachside establishments, the surrounding countryside is also home to several charming country pubs that offer a unique and authentic experience. Here are the best country pubs near Newquay to explore on your trip:

The Plume of Feathers, Mitchell image

The Plume of Feathers, Mitchell

If you head down to the picturesque village of Mitchell, you’ll find one of the best country pubs near Newquay—The Plume of Feathers. This is a quintessential Cornish country pub, a centuries-old establishment that provides an unforgettable experience. This family-owned business has a warm and cosy ambience, with low-beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls, and a roaring fireplace

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The Tavern, Newquay image

The Tavern, Newquay

Just a short drive from Newquay's town centre, The Tavern is a hidden gem that offers a true taste of the Cornish countryside. This charming pub offers everything you could want from countryside pubs near Newquay tasty beverages, delightful grub, and a peaceful escape into nature. In addition, you can also find a livelier vibe at this spot if you visit during a live music event.

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The Traveller's Rest, Trevarrian Hill image

The Traveller's Rest, Trevarrian Hill

Perched atop Trevarrian Hill, The Travellers Rest is a country pub that offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. What could be better than sipping your favourite pint while gazing at views of Cornwall’s natural and coastal beauty? The menu features an array of classic pub fare made from locally sourced ingredients.

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The Pheasant, St Newlyn East image

The Pheasant, St Newlyn East

The Pheasant is a true hidden gem located in the charming village of St Newlyn East, just a short drive from Newquay. This traditional spot is one of the best country pubs near Newquay, giving you a warm and inviting atmosphere when you step in. Aside from providing warm meals and delicious beverages, this is also a great place to bring your pup.

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The Two Clomes, Quintrell Downs image

The Two Clomes, Quintrell Downs

Located in the picturesque village of Quintrell Downs, The Two Clomes is a country pub full of cosy characters that offers an authentic taste. Sitting within the stone walls in front of the cosy fireplace makes it hard not to feel right at home. The menu features a range of hearty dishes various ales, ciders, and wines. You can enjoy all this in the cosy pub or the beautiful beer garden.

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Pubs near Newquay – FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pubs near Newquay:

Are there any good pubs in Newquay?

Yes, there are plenty of good pubs near Newquay you should visit on your trip. This region is home to a fantastic array of pubs, from traditional inns to modern beachside bars, where you can enjoy the classic British pub experience.

How much is a pint of beer in Newquay?

The price of a pint of beer in Newquay can vary depending on the specific pub or establishment. On average, you can expect to pay around £4 to £5 for a pint of locally brewed ale or beer. Some more upscale beachside bars and restaurants may charge slightly higher prices.

Does Newquay have a nightlife?

Absolutely! Newquay is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. You’ll find a range of pubs and bars scattered throughout the town where you can enjoy live music, fun events, and so much more.

Explore the best pubs in Newquay on your next adventure!

Whether you are seeking a cosy spot for a pint or immersing yourself in the town's unique coastal charm, the pubs near Newquay offer a diverse and unforgettable experience. You could enjoy a traditional inn steeped in history or a modern beachside bar with stunning ocean views.

There are so many options for the best pubs near Newquay, and with our fantastic list, you have everything you need to make your holiday as memorable as ever! So, prepare for coastal exploration, good company, and unforgettable experiences in this charming corner of Cornwall.

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