Things to do in Nottinghamshire

Are you looking for things to do in Nottinghamshire? Are you yearning for an unforgettable break in this incredible county? Then you’ll certainly want to read on.


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There’s a whole heap of things to do in Nottinghamshire filled with excitement, relaxation, and pure magic – from theme parks to enriching museums.

And when enjoying these new adventures, what can be better than staying in our amazing holiday park in Nottinghamshire? To help you find the right experiences, we’ve listed things to do in Nottinghamshire for families since this incredible location is perfect for a family trip away.

As well as this, we’ll show you some activities you can enjoy if you want some unusual things to do in Nottinghamshire for both couples and families alike!

With so many things to do in Nottinghamshire, you need the perfect holiday home as the foundation of your trip. Nestled in the heart of Nottinghamshire, our Clumber Park location is perfect for the break you deserve!

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Things to do in Nottinghamshire for families:

Sundown Adventureland image

Sundown Adventureland

This is one of the best things to do in Nottinghamshire for day of fun! This fantastic theme park is booming with rides and attractions that can cater for the youngest to the oldest of thrill-seekers. Take things slow and casual with the smooth Tractor Ride, perfect for the little ones, or speed things up with Giddy Piggies and zoom away.

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National Justice Museum image

National Justice Museum

Are you intrigued by the history of this county? You can experience the deep history of Nottinghamshire and its justice system and find out some jaw-dropping facts about life on both sides of the law. You'll find many intriguing sections of the museum that take you through the history in different ways, from interactive talks to intricate exhibit.

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City of caves image

City of caves

Explore the world below our surface and experience the mesmerising atmosphere of the underground caves below the city. Explore every twist and turn in the passageways. You'll learn all about how these passages were crafted and how they played a part in World War II and even during mediaeval times.

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Unusual things to do in Nottinghamshire:

You may want something unique when looking for things to do in Nottinghamshire. Luckily, there are plenty of unusual things to do in Nottingham to explore whilst on your break. Let's look at some of our top recommendations!

The Sneinton Dragon image

The Sneinton Dragon

Would you have thought you'd encounter a dragon on your trip? Nottingham-born artist Robert Stubley sculpted this stainless-steel masterpiece and designed this magnificent creature with a 15-foot wingspan. How amazed will your young explorers or loved ones be when they see the might of this fantastic dragon perched within trees?

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Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem image

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Why not visit England's oldest inn for one of the most surreal things to do in Nottinghamshire? Dating back to 1189! It's said that this inn has seen some of the oldest, most intriguing, and most memorable figures enter and congregate at the pub. Order some drinks and food, or come in to admire the fantastic décor and vintage atmosphere.

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The Museum Of Curiosities image

The Museum Of Curiosities

Nothing says unusual things to do in Nottinghamshire, like a museum that specialises in just this - The Museum Of Curiosities. You and the family can experience all types of unusual, unique, and exciting items worldwide. These items of a macabre nature are sure to bring a thrilling and eye-opening insight into the world of the paranormal.

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Best things to do near Clumber Park:

Sherwood Forest image

Sherwood Forest

This 450-acre site is known to be the legendary home of Robin Hood, so when you visit this amazing location, we recommend you immerse yourself in the history of the iconic thief – or should we say, hero? Walk briskly under the towering trees and imagine the legendary Robin Hood scaling the branches and gliding through the forest outrunning the law.

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Clumber Park image

Clumber Park

You and your family are sure to have the most amazing time exploring over 3,800 acres of beautiful landscapes and views. You'll have a vast range of flora and wildlife to see, helping you and your family get closer to nature than ever before. Also, the outstanding Chapel is sure to catch your eyes as it towers over the trees and the lake.

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Bolsover Castle image

Bolsover Castle

With magnificent views over the countryside, the magical Stuart mansion, Bolsover Castle, was designed to entertain and impress. Its status for festivities lives on as they entertain you and your family.

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Fun things to do in Nottingham:

Nottingham Castle image

Nottingham Castle

Begin your exploration at the historic Nottingham Castle, delving into centuries of local history and enjoying panoramic views of the city.

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Lace Market image

Lace Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Lace Market, where trendy shops, cafes, and bars await.

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Wollaton Park image

Wollaton Park

The picturesque Wollaton Park, featuring a stunning deer park and the Elizabethan Wollaton Hall, is ideal for a taste of nature.

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Nottingham Contemporary art gallery image

Nottingham Contemporary art gallery

Art enthusiasts can appreciate the creativity at the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery. Whether you're venturing around Nottinghamshire or taking a trip to the Nottingham city centre, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fun things to do in Nottingham – whether you're visiting as a family or a couple.

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Things to do in Nottingham in the evening

The vibrant city has numerous pubs and entertainment venues, ensuring that Nottingham has something for everyone, making it a delightful destination for a memorable and fun-filled experience.

Evening options include: 

If you're looking for a couple's holiday in Nottinghamshire, you will be satisfied with the exciting and amazing things you can do in Nottingham at night.

And after a jam-packed day and night of exploring and enjoying what Nottingham has to offer, you'll have magical accommodation ready and waiting for you at Clumber Park Lodges a 50 minute drive away.

Things to do in Nottinghamshire FAQs

Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about things to do in Nottinghamshire.

What are the best activities and attractions for a weekend break in Nottingham?

If you're willing to travel from Clumber Park, you can explore different things to do in Nottingham's city centre. A culturally rich city centre couldn't be easier to visit, as there are plenty of things to do in Nottingham this weekend – for example – that you can fit into a 2-day itinerary.

Start your weekend break in Nottinghamshire with a visit to St Mary's Church and the National Justice Museum to glimpse Nottingham's past. Or venture to Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Industrial Museum.

In the afternoon, choose between the City of Caves or Nottingham Contemporary for diverse experiences.

Wander through Old Market Square, home to famous landmarks, and head to the Castle Quarter for a photo with Robin Hood.

A weekend of wonder awaits you as you explore the range of things to do in Nottingham!

Is it worth visiting Nottingham?

It is worth visiting Nottingham since there are so many outstanding cultural, exciting, and intriguing things to do in Nottinghamshire that will make your trip unforgettable.

This includes theme parks, forests, museums and much more that will be perfect for holidaygoers of all ages.

What is Nottingham UK famous for?

Nottingham is famous for several iconic things, which is why there are so many things to do in Nottinghamshire on our list.

This includes street art, parks, and many other choices for when you visit. Nottingham is also renowned for its historical association with Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw. The city is also known for its impressive mediaeval architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and the prestigious University of Nottingham.

What is the nicest area of Nottingham?

The nicest area of Nottingham is Sherwood if you're looking for the best things to do in Nottinghamshire for families.

This incredible holiday location offers things like the famous home of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore.

For couples, determining the nicest area in Nottingham is subjective and depends on personal preferences.

It's recommended to visit different areas of Nottinghamshire and the city centre and explore their unique features to find the one that suits your holiday preferences.

Is one day enough for Nottingham?

Nottingham is easy to explore in one day if you pack all your activities and cultural visits in one.

However, with so many things to do in Nottinghamshire, you can stay at one of our fantastic holiday parks in the area to explore and venture as much as you like.

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