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71st Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

16th April 2015 Published by

1147755_735395219810452_1131154720_oJust over three score years ago, much of Europe lay devastated beneath the Nazi jackboot. It was viewed by many as a hopeless situation where there was no more hope of victory. However, after years of preparation, an important day came in June of 1944 that would change the course of the war, and of history, forever more – D- Day, June 6th, 1944.

Its military name was Operation Neptune, and it was part of Operation Overlord, the plan to liberate Normandy from tyranny. This year, why not spend some time on the south coast of England (the main staging area for the assault) with us at Mill Rythe, where every year we celebrate important anniversaries like this.

On May 8th, we are starting our Golden Days; VE Day Celebration. This three-day break is part of a celebration of the anniversary of the end of the war in Europe in 1945. It is an adult-exclusive break, and will feature an dazzling array of shows from our Mill Rythe Show Cast, including The Greatest Musicals of All Time, The Glorious Mill Rythe Music Hall and more. The break will also include half-price drink specials, and is available as a seven-night break if you have the extra time to spend with us.

img_7508Closer to the anniversary of the D-Day landings themselves, we have some other music show breaks that you can join us to enjoy, including Star Cabaret with Marty Wilde and the Wildcats, and One Night Show Stopper with Joe Longthorne and Band. Portsmouth was a key staging area where forces departed from, and the city is now home to the very impressive D-Day Museum. This is an excellent day out for those interested in the history and who want to know more about that fateful day when history changed.

Come and be part of the celebration of one of Britain and her Allies’ finest hour, where tens of thousands of brave souls traversed the seas, united as a temper of heroic hearts and determined to put evil to the sword, or die trying. Learn more about upcoming breaks in May and June, and book your next stay with us now.

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