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Hayling Cycle Ride, Portsmouth

16th June 2015 Published by


Are you looking for a cycle adventure this year? Do you also want to participate in a charity project that in its 30-year history has managed to raise more than £1.4 million? We have just the event for you – The Hayling Cycle Ride. What’s even more special is that this year is the 30th ride, and so you can become an important part of this amazing event’s history.

This year’s event runs from July 12th to 18th, and as usual runs from Paris to Hayling with the aim of raising money for numerous charitable causes nominated by both the organizing committee and at the suggestion of some individual riders as well. Entry forms, pricing and all such details can be found on the official website (link above). The 2015 race is currently fully booked, but the organizers mention that they will always have a number of cancellations, so those interested in taking part should consider getting themselves onto the waiting list.

For those who do take part, it’s good to first understand what it is you’re undertaking. The race is divided in two categories — one-way and two-way. One-way riders will ride from Paris to Hayling, covering approximately 220 miles. Two-way riders ride from Portsmouth to Paris and then back again, covering around 375 miles on their route. The routes feature amazing destinations like historic Caen, Versailles, Evreux, Rouen and more. It’s fair to say that this could be the only annual large-scale cycling event that involves a sea crossing!

If this veritable marathon of cycling sounds a bit too much for you, then how about coming down to see the riders returning triumphantly to Portsmouth from France? We have a lot of great deals and shows on this summer for the whole family to enjoy, all of which can be found on our offers section of the website. So come on, on ‘yer bike! Book your next break with us today!

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