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Sailing Holidays on Hayling Island

6th May 2015 Published by

boating-marina_mainpic1Being an island, and being close to one of the UK’s major points and naval centres, we on Hayling Island have an obvious maritime heritage. If you’re coming to stay with us at Mill Rythe this year, you may have already looked into the many amazing ways to enjoy both our holiday village and the surrounding area. Did you know, however, that there is also a lot of family fun to be had off the island – and we don’t mean on the mainland! We do, of course, mean out on the open water.

Langstone Harbour is the hub of marine activities on Hayling Island. Located between Portsmouth Harbour to the west, and Chichester Harbour to the east, Langstone Harbour is a haven for charter fishing boats, as well as commercial fishermen. Much more than that, however, it is a centre for fantastic water-born recreational activities, such as yachting, dinghy sailing, motor cruising, wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing and more. The harbour is open all year, and entry for all ages is free.

There are many choices on Hayling Island for those wishing to charter a boat or take a sailing trip. Some of these options can be found both here. Take some time to browse through the options to find the perfect charter for you and your family. There’s so much to see, and it’s easy to find services that let you see it all.

environment-conservation_mainpic1Those interested in photography shouldn’t miss The Langstone Ark, linked to Langstone Harbour. This is a special project to create a definitive photo collection of the flora and fauna in the local area.

If you’re staying with us at Mill Rythe in the coming weeks or months, and you are interested in photographing wildlife and plant life, then visit the project’s website to find out more details.

As usual, Mill Rythe Holiday Village will be your perfect base from which to explore the maritime delights of Hayling Island. Browse our website and find the best accommodation deals at our park for 2015, and book your next break with us now.

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