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Things to do for the young at heart on Hayling Island!

2nd June 2014 Published by

Does it seem to you that mainstream media is doing everything it can to make you feel old and past it? Don’t let it! Fun is not a monopoly controlled by teenagers and twenty-somethings. Hayling Island is jam packed with fun and excitement for those who are still young at heart!

Located off the Hampshire coast, Hayling Island is a bastion of beauty and fun, and home to our Mill Rythe Holiday village. One option for those looking for get active is cycling the Hayling Billy Coastal Path. This path runs for four miles on the western coast between West Town and Langstone Bridge. The path also has routes for walkers and horse riders.mlr-coast

If it’s the beach scene you’re more interested in, then how about taking up kite surfing? This spectacular water sport is relatively new to Hayling Island, but presents a thrilling new challenge to those willing to take it on. What’s more, the beach area at West Beachlands offers the perfect conditions for the sport, with sandy beaches and a shallow bay.

For some, a trip to Hayling Island will also feature those who are both young in age and young at heart. For those with kids who also want to re-live their youth and do something exciting, Hayling Island boasts one of the south coast’s most popular theme parks — Funland, located in West Town. Through the month of June, the park is open from 11:00am to 9:00pm, and ticket prices range from £7 to £12 for children and adults respectively.

Don’t let a simple number make you think your fun is over. Hayling Island is the perfect getaway for those who wish to explore their more youthful spirit; to let go and let the cool waves of the English Channel wash away their cares and their fears.

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