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Theatre Thrills & Sparkling Events

If you like the theatre, you’ll love the shows by our very talented Resident Show Cast and musicians. Dance, tap your feet, sing-along, wave a flag, shed a tear and clap your hands… all in one fabulous show!

The creative team, made up of industry professionals have been beavering away behind the scenes to dazzle you with some show-stopping entertainment! We have some fantastic feature productions and concert style shows for you to enjoy.

Away Resorts is also the only holiday park operator that has seen one of it’s shows be performed on the West End, so when we say our shows are high quality, we really mean it.

Take a look below at our world class shows that you can enjoy when you come away to Mill Rythe.


Feature productions

Festive Spectacular

Christmas Spectacular

Be dazzled by our winter wonderland and experience a stage production that captures the best of the season. A musical score that playfully reinvigorates Christmas classics with heart warming vocal harmonies and magical orchestration. A festive feast of uniquely designed costumes, including a stunning hi-tech illuminated dress, ending in a grand display of indoor confetti cannons. The magical stage set fills the Ballroom surrounding the audience with animated scenery and lighting effects including snow and flying reindeer. You can view all our festive breaks here.

The Great Movie Ride

It’s late, it’s raining and all that Brad and Janet want to do is get to their car after a long day at the theme park. Brad notices an attraction they haven’t seen before and with a little persuasion they both take a carriage on a ride they will never forget. The Great Movie Ride is a rollercoaster of a live stage show that sees Brad and Janet caught up in cinema classics past and present, recreated in true Hollywood style with spectacular stage effects and costumes, all set to an incredible cinematic soundtrack featuring over 40 movie moments. The Great Movie Ride is Away Resorts’ biggest stage show to date, a bold new production sure to impress.

Magic of Musicals

Hold your breath. Make a wish count to three. Imagine a show filled with the greatest musicals of all time. A journey of musical theatre moments sparkling with fabulous costumes, enchanting choreography and world class musical orchestration, staged with a theatrical backdrop of animated scenery and special effects. Magic of Musicals is a show for all ages, for musical lovers, and for those that don’t do musicals. It’s funny, magical, and moving, a show not to be missed.

Shake, Rattle and Rock

Hold on to your air-guitars this is one rock’n’roller coaster of a show! This live concert covers many of the greatest anthems of all time, decades of rock going back to its origins in the 50s, to glam rock, punk rock, and everything in-between. Costumes are hot, vocals are smokin’, and the live band will melt your face. Cue selfies of hand-rock-symbols with tongues out, we will rock you!

Music Hall Varieties

Hosted by our very own master of ceremonies, we recreate the look of an original Music Hall in the Ballroom including fabulous Edwardian costumes. We salute the memories of some of the great stars who made their names in the glory days, the golden years of the British Music Hall. Step back in time with our stage emulation of extraordinary excellence. Your majesties, esteemed guests, lords, ladies and gentleman we present for your collective edification Music Hall Varieties.

Show of Hands

Show of Hands

A new stage show concept for Mill Rythe where the audience decide what the cast perform. A host presents the audience with a selection of production features, they then vote on what they would like the cast to perform next. Following the vote, the cast, band and technical team are given one minute to get ready, the countdown clock begins and the number starts ready or not. A stage show where every performance is different.


Other Exciting Productions

Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

Set in the 1980s, Electric Dreams is the name of a Video, Arcade & Record shop where the cast; Gloria, Julie, Mickey, Frankie and friends work and hangout playing Space Invaders and listening to records. There is one arcade machine called Xanadu that is out of order, one night it mysteriously switches itself on and becomes a sort of time portal, through which Mickey is visited by Justin Bieber who shares the future and sets him on a mission to form a band. The show is comedy, light-hearted and packed with all things wonderfully 80s, including classic songs, adverts, fabulously retro costume and scenery all wrapped up with fun characters and dialogue telling nothing short of a ridiculously hilarious story line.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Ready, Steady, Go!

5-4-3-2-1… Step back in time four decades to when the popular TV show ‘Ready Steady Go’ was broadcast every Friday night, yes we go back, way back to the 1960s. A golden non-stop mix of popular songs from some of the biggest bands of the decade that was The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, The Kinks, and so many more. Colourful authentic costumes adorn the fabulous cast and live musicians, with fun and clever staging and choreography, not to mention first class musical arrangements and vocal harmonies. It’s a blast from the past, a real gas, a trip on the love bus through the greatest musical decade that was, the 1960’s.


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