Skegness Aquarium

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Skegness Aquarium, Tower Esplanade, Skegness

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About Skegness Aquarium

Along the waterfront of one of the east coast’s most popular seaside resorts, Skegness Aquarium offers an adventure from beneath the waves. Since opening in 2015, this attraction wows thousands of guests every year, with its spectacular displays of water-dwelling creatures from right across the globe. Themed to the story and characters of Treasure Island, with the chance to meet plenty of pirates along the way, Skegness Aquarium is a family day out that all ages will love.

What will I see at Skegness Aquarium?

There are plenty of things to look out for as you move through the aquarium, as well as some incredibly special experiences which can be booked for an additional fee. Highlights across Skegness Aquarium include:  

  • Long John Silver’s Storeroom – come face to face with scorpions, millipedes and tarantulas as you explore the sunken wreckage of the Hispaniola
  • The Stockade and Wet Lab – a space for interactive learning, including touch pools where you can get up close and personal with starfish and crabs.
  • The Treasure Island Tanks – pop your head inside the glass bubbles and watch as colourful fish from seas across the world surround you.
  • The Sea Caves – meet creatures of the dark and deep in a suitably dark setting, including honeycomb moray eels and sea jellies.
  • The Sunken Hold Aquatheatre – watch live presentations from divers in the main and shark tanks, who’ll introduce you to many of the aquariums most famous residents.
  • Skegness Shark Dive and Snorkel – if you’ve ever dreamt of swimming with sharks, you can do just that at Skegness Aquarium! There is an extra charge for this, and you’ll need to book in advance to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Always check the website for more information.

How to get to Skegness Aquarium

Skegness Aquarium should be easy to find, as it’s right along the town’s promenade on England’s east coast in Lincolnshire. This is a rural part of the country and there aren’t many motorways nearby, so you’ll need to use a network of A roads to travel in by car, including the A16, A158 and A52. If you’re going to be relying on public transport, you’ll be glad to know there is a large bus station in the town that’s just a few minutes’ walk to the aquarium. From here, services run to places like Boston, Lincoln and Mablethorpe. There’s also a railway station, Skegness Station, right beside here where services connect to the national network via Nottingham.

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