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Tattershall Castle

23rd June 2020 Published by
Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire

Tattershall Castle

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About Tattershall Castle

Set among the endless green sprawl of the Lincolnshire countryside, Tattershall Castle is a hidden gem. This National Trust property consists of a fortified manor and boasts spectacular double moats, making it one of just a handful of such sites intact in the UK today. Whether you’ve a love history or are looking for ways to inspire the kids while visiting this corner of England, Tattershall Castle is a must-see.  

What is the History of Tattershall Castle?

The original Tattershall Castle was constructed some time around 1231, when Robert de Tateshale received a licence from King Henry III to build a crenelated manor house close to Tattershall village. By the early 15th century the site had passed down to Ralph, 3rd Baron of Cromwell, who eventually became Treasurer of England in 1433. He set about upgrading the small and crumbling manor into a large and well-fortified castle, and it’s this we see on the estate in the present day. Throughout its long history, the Castle has served as a palace for the Tudors, been heavily damaged by war, threatened with demolition and left abandoned for decades. Thankfully, the property has now been restored and can be enjoyed in much of its original glory. It has been under National trust ownership and open to the public since 1925.

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How to get to Tattershall Castle

Sleaford Road, Tattershall, Lincoln LN4 4LR

About 3 minutes from park

Tattershall Castle can be found just to the southern outskirts of Tattershall, along the main Sleaford Road that runs through the middle of the village. If you’re driving in from further afield, there is a small car park on site, and you’ll need to use a network of country roads to access the area. It’s approximately 15 kilometres north west of Boston and 25 kilometres south east of Lincoln, and the village should be clearly signposted as you approach from these areas. If you need to use public transport, then the nearest train station is Ruskington Station, which is served by trains from places like Lincoln, Doncaster and Peterborough. From here, it’s 16 minutes in a taxi to reach the castle. As for buses, there are two services which stop in Tattershall village. These are the 5 Interconnect service which runs between Boston and Lincoln, and the A8 route which connects the village to Horncastle.

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