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Dog Friendly Holidays at Barmouth Bay and Snowdonia

16th April 2015 Published by

View More: all walk our dogs in local parks, fields and other areas, but we may sometimes think that National Parks will have much stronger restrictions on dogs. This is untrue, especially when it comes to Snowdonia. When you book your next break at Barmouth Bay, don’t forget to bring Fido with you, because the dog is just as welcome as you and your family is – after all, dogs are part of the family these days, aren’t they?

Barmouth and surrounding Snowdonia are excellent places to bring your dog. If you think your dog is up for the challenge, you could even walk them up to the roof of wales – Snowdon’s summit! The national park also has dozens of walking routes, which if you click here, you can find divided into different difficulties to suit various ages and fitness levels (and that goes for the dog, too). There’ll be no end to the fun, and the dog will have so many new sights, sounds and smells to busy themselves with. One thing to note in the national park is where you can take your dog and where you have to keep them on a lead. If the map is marked “access land” (denoted by a cream wash within a brown line), then you MUST keep your dog on a lead between March 1st and July 31st so they cannot disturb local livestock or other agricultural interests. On “Public Rights of Way” (Public Footpaths etc), you do not have to keep your dog leashed, but it is advisable, as the same rules regarding any livestock will apply should you come across any.

View More: you’d prefer to stay a bit closer to Barmouth and have a gentler stroll with the pooch. That’s not a problem at all! Close to Barmouth Bay there are a number of stunning coastal locations, such as Barmouth Beach and Morfa Bychan (Black Rock Sands) just to the north of Barmouth. These beaches welcome dogs, but at peak times of year, restrictions may apply, so check up on those before you go.

While Barmouth Bay and Snowdonia do warmly welcome dogs, it goes without saying that there are still certain rules in place. No dogs mentioned in the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991 are allowed on the holiday park grounds, and dogs that are allowed need to be kept on a lead and under close control. You can have up to 2 dogs in your value accommodation, caravan or pitch, charged at £20 per break. Don’t leave Rex behind this holiday, browse our website and book a stay with us now for the WHOLE family to enjoy.

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