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Exploring the Great Outdoors near Barmouth Bay

2nd June 2014 Published by


Barmouth Bay enjoys excellent proximity to Snowdonia, but whether you’re in or out of the National Park, Barmouth is surrounded by the great outdoors! The town and surrounding countryside at the Mawddach Estuary are a cyclist and walker’s paradise. The hills around the Mawddach Estuary have always attracted tourists from all over the UK and beyond. Many were initially attracted to the wealth of copper and precious metals in the area. These days, however, it’s the fresh air, natural beauty, peace and quiet that visitors are yearning for.

Let’s first look what’s on offer for cyclists. The Barmouth Toll Bridge is a nice gentle start to anyone’s cycling in the great outdoors of Barmouth. Built in 1867, the bridge is one of the local area’s most famous and recognizable landmarks. It is accessible to both cyclists and walkers, and tolls range from just 90 pence to £2.50 depending on whether you’re walking or cycling. If you’re lucky, however, you might catch the staff on holiday and you won’t have to pay anything at all.

If you want something a bit meatier, but still not too difficult then you can follow the whole Mawddach Trail, which covers about 9.5 miles following the bridge and railway line along quite flat terrain but still offering fantastic views of the surrounding scenery. Expert cyclists might really need something more challenging. For these outdoorsmen, there is the Cadair Idris Challenge, covering a total of 30.3 miles with a total climb of about 1260 metres. The challenge involves mostly quiet back roads, and covers a circuit of Cadair Idris, offering absolutely fabulous views of the area. Breathe deep the fresh air, and let your each pedal push drive away each of your cares.

Cycling isn’t for everyone, and some prefer to enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace. Fortunately, the area is not short of walking trails that allow people of all ages and fitness levels to take in the splendour of Snowdonia. Three of the most popular walks are the Panorama Walk, including views of the estuary, bridge and Cadair Idris. Second is the Precipice Walk, covering around three miles, with the walk being dominated by footpaths and fields. Finally, for the more-than amateur hiker, there is the Mawddach Round, involving a marathon-esque 27.8 miles walking with around a 2,410 metre climb.

We mustn’t forget the beach at Barmouth though, right by our very own Barmouth Bay. It is edged with pebbles but otherwise very sandy and pleasant, and allows couples romantic walks, quiet time to sit and watch boats coming and going, and also donkey rides and trampolines for kids that need a little excitement. What’s more, Away Resorts now has a new website where you can explore options to purchase your own holiday home in Barmouth Bay and other locations in the UK. If the charm, history and beauty of Snowdonia has got you thinking you want to go back again and again, why not have a place to go to? Take a look!

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